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Making it at Marvel and Creating Your Own Doorways

There’s nothing like getting whisked away into the magic of Disney’s vibrant animations or the explosive excitement of an Avengers movie. And while it might be every little kid’s dream to be one of these revered characters—the second-best thing might be working for them, which is exactly how Adweek Executive Mentee Henry Ong kicked off his marketing career.

How does one land their first job out of college at Disney? Henry’s success comes from creating opportunities for himself. From putting himself out there by ordering pizzas to pitching a project to the team he dreamed of being on, Henry has created his own doorways to his next big accomplishments.

While he makes it look easy, Henry gets candid with us about overcoming his nerves and the deliberate prep work that made these risks a success—the kind of success that’s whisked him across the world to speak in front of thousands of people in Asia, South America and the US.

Tune in to hear what Henry calls his ‘career accelerant,’ the tactics he uses to sell an idea into multiple departments, and how he makes these bold moves while self-describing as an introvert.

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