Marketing is Seduction and Commerce is Sex for e.l.f. CMO Kory Marchisotto

Find out how to boldly navigate your career through curiosity, courage and conviction

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Okay, so based on the headline, you should know and be warned you’re in for one helluva ride in this episode with e.l.f. CMO Kory Marchisotto. In fact, throughout this episode, Kory gives Heide and me a ton of headlines, including “Bright, Sassy, Badass” and “Curiosity, Courage, Conviction”— not to mention plenty of “elfisms” and the elf-bombs!

Warning: Do not listen to this if you are averse to bold talk, big ideas, bad words. But do listen if you’re into awesome role models, impossible (now conquered) missions, truthful advice, dance parties and everything in between.

Find out what it takes to get to the top, how to navigate your career, tips for dealing with controversy, the importance of setting big goals, how to break through to the front of the line, and so much more. Kory also takes us back through her career journey and why she took on the role of chief marketer at e.l.f. where she has a big remit, leading everything from concept to consumer. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that I learned a ton from Kory on this episode and I appreciate her complete candor and great advice in so many ways. She even got me to drop an elf- and f-bomb for what may be our first censored episode of CMO Moves.

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