Executive Mentor Program: How It Works

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Mentees who earn their spot with one of the world’s top 100 marketing leaders will be given the opportunity to share their unique challenges and leverage input from their mentor in their next career move. The program is purposefully designed to be short and targeted for the mentee’s specific career challenges to deliver maximum and immediate results.

Here’s How It Works

  • A pitch competition will be held for applicable mentees (mid-senior career level marketers) to win an hour of time with an executive mentor (CMOs/CBOs/CEOs/Board Members/Industry Leaders). The pitch must be relevant to that specific mentor’s expertise and the mentee’s specific career goal(s) at that time. 
  • To help the mentees, Adweek has launched a dedicated mentor page that showcases all the mentors with links to their CMO Moves podcasts, articles and other resources to give them a good idea of their potential mentor’s strengths and superpowers.
  • Adweek will qualitatively evaluate every pitch and assign the winning pitch for each mentor based on merit of submission. The mentee will win two 30-minute phone calls with their mentor and Adweek will help prepare both the mentee and the mentor for success.
  • Preparation for the first 30-minute call: The mentor is provided the winning pitch and resume of their mentee as background. The mentee will come prepared to make the most of their first call, gathering initial feedback and recommended actions from their mentor.
  • After the first meeting, the mentee will then take the next 1-3 months to execute their mentor’s recommendations before their second 30-minute call – closure call – so that the mentee and mentor can review progress and refine recommendations. 

The No. 1 Most Important Lesson Learned – Be Prepared!

The only non-renewable resource is time, so it is critical to prepare for the precious time you will get with your mentor. We purposely designed the program to be two 30-minute calls between mentor and mentee to enable conversations targeted to the mentees’ specific career challenges at this time. This is why it is essential that mentees take the time to do the research and self-reflection work before bringing a mentor into the mix.

The research is key to really understand the superpowers of your mentor. This will help you to zone in on the areas they can be of most help to you in your portfolio of development opportunities. The self-reflection work helps you prioritize those opportunity areas and get clarity around what specific guidance you need to make the most progress.

From all of us at Adweek, our Mentors and our Founding Partners, we welcome you and wish you the best of success!  If you need help, please contact insidethebrand@adweek.com.


nadine.dietz@adweek.com Nadine Dietz is chief community officer at Adweek and host of the CMO Moves podcast.