How Letting Viewers Choose Ads or No Ads Solidified Hulu's Streaming Business

Hulu President Kelly Campbell shares why culture and clear values are the keys to the brand's success

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If there’s anyone who knows the ins and outs of driving growth strategies, it’s Kelly Campbell. Before she arrived at Hulu, one of the shining streaming stars coming out of this past year, she oversaw growth marketing for Google Cloud. Suffice to say, Kelly knows a thing or two about how to scale platforms on the rise.

On this week’s episode of The Business of Marketing Podcast, Adweek’s Chief Innovation Officer, Toby Daniels sits down with Kelly, who is now President at Hulu to discuss her role managing Hulu’s suite of on-demand and live streaming businesses, as well as, overseeing Disney’s digital media and Movies Anywhere business.

They also dive deep into Kelly’s extensive career, which includes serving as Hulu’s CMO where she led the brand’s overall marketing across their subscription video on demand and live TV businesses, and her previous roles at Google Cloud and JPMorgan Chase.

Kelly also discussed navigating the new role as President during the pandemic, how she has been onboarding new people into her teams, how the Hulu culture has evolved since she has taken on this new role and the importance of having clearly articulated values within the organization. Kelly is truly an incredible and inspirational C-Suite leader, and this conversation only scratches the surface of the insights and experience she has.

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