How DTC Alcohol Brand Haus Is Using Its Growth to Elevate Local Restaurants

With a passion for quality and a desire to build a better product, husband and wife duo Helena and Woody Hambrecht set out to transform the drinking experience for the modern-day consumer with wellness in mind. Helena, a Silicon Valley techie, married (quite literally) her brand-building skills with Woody’s experience as a third-generation winemaker to launch Haus, a direct-to-consumer brand selling alcoholic beverages known as aperitifs. Here, the co-founders and co-CEOs share how they used a loophole in the 100-year-old prohibition laws to break into the industry, how they channeled Pandemic-related growth into giving, and their vision for future expansion.

@heidepalermo Heide is the vp, head of community at Adweek and Editor of the Inside the Brand.