H&R Block CMO on Marketing From a Journalist Lens and Making Every Block Better

Headshot of Nadine Dietz

Almost two years ago, I interviewed H&R Block CEO Jeff Jones on CMO Moves and he was looking to hire a new CMO. A month later, Vinoo Vijay joined the company as CMO so it was an immense pleasure to meet him and find out more about all the great initiatives he’s been leading since then.

First of all, this conversation is timely with the tax deadline just a few days away amid the most unusual year on record. In this episode, Vinoo takes us through how he and the team pivoted in not only how they serve their customers, but also in how they work together. Second, and most impressive, is how Vinoo is thinking about community, diversity and inclusion with the company’s “Make Every Block Better” initiative. Third and final (for now), I hugely appreciated chatting with Vinoo about superpowers, dot-connecting, his success tips for marketers today, and the role of marketing from a journalistic lens.

Vinoo explained, “We had to change our mindset from a campaign orientation to a journalist orientation. … Campaign orientation has that view of figuring out the problem, creating a response to that problem, then distributing it through various channels and great creative deliveries. But our challenge was more journalistic. It was more, ‘what do we know, what do our clients need to know now, and how do we get them that information today?'”

This episode is packed full of great advice, great perspective and great urgency. I hope you enjoy Vinoo as much as I did and stay tuned for his masterclass on Financial Acumen. He doesn’t realize I took this seriously, but help me convince him to do it because it is needed and he is spot on!

nadine.dietz@adweek.com Nadine Dietz is chief community officer at Adweek and host of the CMO Moves podcast.