Claire Coder
Founder and CEO, Aunt Flow

This Gen Zer Is Out To De-stigmatize Menstruation, One Free Tampon At A Time

Claire Coder started her first business, a promotional products company, at age 16 while still in high school. And after one year at the Ohio State University, she dropped out to pursue Aunt Flow, a full solution provider that stocks businesses and school bathrooms with organic tampons and pads. Aunt Flow recently closed a $1.5 million funding round and is stocked in hundreds of schools and businesses, including Google, Twitter and Princeton University. On this episode, we chat about mission-driven companies, B2B marketing, customer acquisition and Claire's experience as an entrepreneur.

Heard On This Episode:

  • On Hiring Gen Z. "...from my experience in hiring Gen Z, they really prefer autonomy, but they also really appreciate an opportunity to grow within a company. And finding that balance between autonomy and growth within the company is very difficult from my experience."
  • On the Importance of Age Diversity. "I think that this is an unspoken problem in the startup world where we do talk about diversity, but we don't talk about age diversity. And if you look at startups, there's the typical startup demographic, which is between the ages of 20 to 35 and nothing older. So what we've really been thinking about is how do we have age diversity in our company as well. And we really decided that we wanted to invest in those folks early on because the last thing that I wanted was a bunch of 20-year-olds running around... And my philosophy is how can I hire people who are smarter than me and better than me so that I can continue to grow as well."
  • On Gen Z Misconceptions. "I think that one misconception is our love for social media and this can actually be seen by the declining influencers. So as much as people think that Gen Zers are always on their phones and always looking at social media, I think more and more Gen Z years are like, fuck the phone. Like phone detox. And also from an influencer standpoint, the engagement for influencers has taken a massive decline. And that's partially because Gen Z are like 'look, we understand that when you pull back that curtain, it's all fake.' We don't fall for that shit anymore."