Gen ZEO Demystifying Gen Z:

Content Consumption, Shopping Habits and More

This year, Gen Z will surpass millennials as the largest generation. They are also on track to be the most diverse, best-educated and a higher-earning generation than their predecessors.

Over the past six weeks, we’ve been releasing episodes of a limited video series called Demystifying Gen Z, produced in partnership with WAYV. Every Monday, hundreds of marketers tuned in for a concise, informative video, capturing a wide range of Gen Zers thoughts on a particular topic. Those topics ranged from content consumption and fashion influencers to brand loyalty, effective advertising, the retail experience and more.

As we wrap-up the year, we wanted to provide a singular place for you to view these videos - so here it is. Check out each of the videos in the series, below:

Episode 1: Where the Next Generation Consumes Content

Episode 2: Do They Like the Retail Experience?

Episode 3: Are They Brand Loyal?

Episode 4: Please, No TV Commercials

Episode 5: Are Influencers Their Main Source of Fashion Inspo?

Episode 6: What do They Look for in a Brand?

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