Former Beats By Dr. Dre Marketing Chief Takes On Cannabis and Social Justice

Headshot of Nadine Dietz

Jason White, CMO of Cura Cannabis Solutions and former head of Marketing for Beats by Dr. Dre, shares his impressive career journey from his “not-so-sexy beginnings” selling soap in Colorado Springs to the exciting agency world in China to running one of the hottest brands at Apple to taking on the mysterious and complicated cannabis category.

So how did this 12-year-old wide-eyed kid, who was in love with the Michael Jordan world of storytelling and just wanted to make Nike ads, become a shepherd for social justice at one of the largest cannabis companies in the U.S.? You’ll just have to tune into this wild ride to hear how Jason not only found his way into his dream job at Weiden + Kennedy, but wrote his own ticket to China to experience a cultural and creative revolution. You’ll hear how making ads for Nike as an agency partner was just as awesome as he thought it would be and how his role at Beats took him deep into the world of music and also retail, where he often had to “fake it” to push through.

Many of Jason’s breakthrough moments came with huge rewards, including a sneaky winning move on a fierce competitor in the NFL draft to an organic “Straight Outta Compton” takeover to a “Got No Strings” wireless debut and more. All led up to his latest effort in channeling that experience into being a force for good as CMO.

His first big move as CMO of Cura? Leveraging the power of the brand and the category to provide social justice for those who have been adversely affected by cannabis prohibition, “The Possible Plan.” When Jason and team were looking at the mass incarceration based on usage or interaction with cannabis, Jason and team decided it was time to “right the wrongs,” especially now with many states writing their legislation to go recreational or medicinal. “We have to make sure that we’re looking out for folks that have been so brutally affected in the legacy market.” And by no coincidence, the Possible Plan launched today, exactly 400 years from the point when the first slave ships landed in Africa to begin the slave trade to Jamestown, Virginia – August 19, 1619.

Don’t miss this epic adventure with Jason White, where we travel the globe and visit the deepest corners of society. What would Jason be doing now if money and talent were no object? He’d have strings…

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