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Actions and Advice From 'A State of Revolt'

Top Black executives across marketing and advertising came together for A State of Revolt event, where they reflected on their experiences with racism and called for concrete action to combat it both in general society and within the workplace. The group urged everyone watching to take time to reflect in order to truly empathize, accept responsibility, take immediate action and to not let up on your efforts. Here, we share key takeaways from the speakers and be sure to catch the full video and summary or podcast version on CMO Moves.

Reflect and Understand

“Our legacy is jumping hurdles. But I think along the way, we’ve gotten so good at jumping the hurdles and making our way and assimilating, that we haven’t looked back to say, ‘Well, what hurdles should I have never had to jump?’” Adrian Parker, global vp of marketing, Patron

“I believe that what people are doing now is opening their eyes. And I think if you’re opening your eyes, that starts to lead to a sense of understanding.” Jabari Hearn, vp of brand, Lyft

Accept Responsibility

“Stop starting from the place of ‘this is a black thing.’ This is a human thing.” Justina Omokhua, svp brand marketing, Endeavor

“Do the work. Do the work for yourself. Don’t come to me asking me to give you the history lesson on race in America.” Danielle Lee, chief fan officer, NBA

“There is no race to the best PR statement that is going to solve this and there is no cultural band-aid that a brand or a business can do. We are the change we need to see in the world.” Daniel Cherry III, CMO, Activision Blizzard eSports

“I need you to invest in it, and you will find your way. It will open you up to so many questions, but you will find your way, you will figure out the way that you can help and the way you can get involved.” Elisha Greenwell, co-managing director, Brand Citizens

Take Immediate Action

“Everyone is not built for that front line right out there in the community, but when we stop and pause in the roles and privilege that even the black people on this call have in our organizations, how are you spending that privilege? Are you speaking up? Because it is important to let people know you cannot protect and dismantle the same system.” Victoria Russell, DEI chief, Papa John’s

“It also takes people who are in seats of power who have access to money to donate to the organizations that are on the ground...but also to give back to your own industry.” Tiffany R. Warren, svp and chief diversity officer, Omnicom, founder, ADCOLOR

“I would encourage every agency to pull all of your numbers of compensation for employees and make sure that it’s equal.… to make sure that they're doing everything they can to ensure that folks that are working in their companies are retained, and are moving through the ranks and have a true voice.” Lincoln Stephens, founder, Marcus Graham Project

“Pick your battles, and pick ones where you can be specific about what outcomes you are driving.” Rodney Williams, president and CEO, Belvedere Vodka

Continue the Movement and Don't Let Up

“If you just found your activism legs today, and you feel your compassion and capacity is starting to increase today, keep that same energy. Don’t back off of it, don’t treat it like a marketing initiative.” Julian Duncan, CMO, Jacksonville Jaguars

“Shame on you if you’re only calling on your D&I representative today because there’s a crisis. They need to have a seat at the table. They need to have a voice every single day, not only when there’s a crisis.” Justina Omokhua, svp brand marketing, Endeavor

"We don't want this moment to pass. We need to make sure that we are putting a stake in the ground now that we are going to hold people accountable, that we are going to put consequences in place for not doing so." Monique Nelson, chair and CEO, UniWorld Group

"I have been so moved by [this] leadership-no matter the exhaustion, leading openly and with empathy and with love...Let's keep up this same energy." Katrina Craigwell, head of global employer brand, JPMorgan Chase (event moderator)

"Everyone's asking 'how can I help?' My response has been: 'I need you to keep the same energy a week, a month, a year from now.'" Tiffany R. Warren, svp and chief diversity officer, Omnicom, founder, ADCOLOR

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