As part of our ongoing focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, we’re spotlighting different communities—inviting marketing and advertising leaders to come together to share the biggest challenges, opportunities and ways to drive meaningful change.

Recognizing that diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity are fundamental growth drivers across all businesses, Adweek brought together marketing and industry leaders, including members of the Adweek D&I Council to dive deep into critical topics during the first-ever Adweek Diversity and Inclusion Summit. This summit spurred a series of new events, each one spotlighting the biggest challenges and opportunities for unique communities.

Scroll below to find recaps of the most recent Adweek community-focused events.

The ‘Unaccounted’: MENA Summit

Today, 10 industry leaders of MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) descent came together virtually to share their experiences of feeling simply unaccounted for, especially when it comes to U.S. standards. Listen in to hear their stories, how they’re leading today and the solutions we can all work towards true inclusivity and anti-racism.

Watch the full video and listen to the podcast version.

Disability Inclusion Summit

Leaders with disabilities—from industry organizations, agencies and brands including Google, Microsoft and Walmart—shared how they are personally and professionally navigating today’s environment, how disability inclusion has progressed and where we still have the biggest obstacles.

Catch the full video, podcast version and advice on how to avoid just checking the box on workplace inclusion.

Hispanic and Latin American Summit

13 Hispanic and Latino/Latina/Latinx executives from brands including Google, PepsiCo, Verizon, The Walt Disney Company, IBM came together to share the community’s biggest challenges and how the community can best celebrate its ethnic individuality while also speaking up with one common voice.

Catch the full video, podcast version, and a summary of actions and advice.

Asian American Summit

10 marketing leaders from brands including General Mills, TikTok, Pinterest and Charles Schwab came together to discuss creating opportunities for advancement in the workplace, prioritizing diverse representation in the media, and rejecting the need to conform to the expected Asian archetype.

Watch the full video, podcast version and takeaways with actionable advice.

Pride Stars Summit

11 LGBTQ+ leaders in sports, media, marketing and culture who are also part of Adweek’s inaugural Pride Stars list, wrapped up Pride month by coming together to honor intersectionality, amplifying marginalized voices and laying the groundwork for long-term inclusion.

Watch the full video, podcast version and a summary of actions and advice.

A State of Revolt Summit

14 Black executives across marketing and advertising came together to reflect on their experiences with racism and called for concrete action to combat it both in general society and within the workplace.

Watch the full video, podcast version and a summary of actions and advice.

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