Verizon CMO Diego Scotti on Changing the Game with Dimension, Depth and Humanity

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Diego Scotti, CMO of Verizon, is truly an inspirational game-changer in all aspects of how he’s approached his leadership role; adding dimension to the brand, diving deep into consumer need and bringing all the pieces together for humanity. Diego’s exciting journey before Verizon, which was mentored by greats such as John Hayes, Mickey Drexler, John Seifert and the team at Vogue, has certainly shaped his unique approach at Verizon to bring the vision to life.

No stone left unturned, Diego shares how his recent campaign, Humanability, was born and details behind how he has completely redesigned his marketing team to deliver.  He also shares details of an amazing program he’s created called AdFellows, which gives opportunity to exceptional talent to develop their skills and find their future jobs.

Join us in this delightful session to hear more about how to build your teams for success, challenge your thinking about brand vision, connect passion and purpose for the greater good, help grow the talent of tomorrow and how to think about your own career as a collection of experiences. And maybe, just maybe, someday at 6:30pm you may hear from Diego through a different channel…

Special Edition: CMO Moves Duos Episode

See full article: Citi CBO Carla Hassan and Verizon CMO Diego Scotti Talk Shop in Cannes Nadine Dietz is chief community officer at Adweek and host of the CMO Moves podcast.