CMO Moves

The Secret Dreams of CMOs

Remember when you were a kid and you thought the Easter bunny was real? What an awesomely creative creature who would hide candy in your household plant and under your couch that you would delightfully discover when you woke. And then, you got a little older and thought, hmmm…wait a minute.

And with each passing year, as life got a little harder with puberty, then serious homework, then having to get a job and pay bills, the Easter bunny faded further away into some tucked away corner of your mind.

Well, tomorrow, maybe you should think about that Easter bunny again. But instead of bringing you candy, ask that Easter bunny to bring back your dreams!

If there is one thing that I have learned through interviewing the world’s most successful leaders is that opportunity doesn’t come to you on its own (at least, not usually). Opportunity is self-manufactured and the best kind comes when you decide that you’re all in to pursue your dreams.

What is interesting is that so many marketers dream of becoming a CMO but, once you get there, what do you dream of then?

In my very first podcast with Seth Farbman, we were talking about authenticity, belief systems and being true to who you are. At that end of that podcast, I just had to know, what would Seth be if he weren’t a CMO today? His answer? A chef!

Then in my next podcast with Linda Boff, I asked the same question. She’d probably be running a museum somewhere. And then I asked Antonio Lucio... he’d be a teacher or he’d like to come back as Ricky Martin!

With each incredible answer that I was getting at the end of every podcast, I was hooked and started fabricating a fun little skit in my mind (cuz that’s how I roll). Here is how it would go tomorrow, if the Easter bunny brought all of my guests together into one room and gave them a little taste of their dreams…

Tony Rogers would pilot all 16 CMO Moves guests to brunch in his private plane. Kieran Hannon would claim shotgun and try to distract Tony so he could take the yoke. Seth Farbman would cook up an Easter feast. Peter McGuinness would be in charge of operations, given his passion for the restaurant business, and would bring some travel trivia for the table discussion. 

Greg Welch would be the barista and would be composing a little jingle for the day. Although it would be hard to stay focused because Bruce Rogers would be there with his band jammin' out classic rock tunes and Antonio Lucio would be doing his best Ricky Martin moves to the bigger beats. 

Raja Rajamannar would bring a truckload of shelter dogs and ask everyone to take one home. Denise Karkos would be trying to motivate everyone to step outside for a quick game of soccer. Mary Beech would be chatting with Deborah Wahl on how politics could help improve the city of Detroit and Linda Boff would likely suggest that a new museum could be in order. Terrance Williams would be reminding everyone that there needs to be great school systems and proper insurance!

Evan Greene would be in the corner with a typewriter documenting this incredible brunch that Diego Scotti would then read off on the 6:30 pm news that night. Fashion photos of the event provided by Jeff Jones.

Clearly, Nadine needs a vacation.