Mónica GIL

Telemundo CMO on Building Trust Through Communications in and Out of Crisis

Mónica Gil knows a few things about crisis and reputation management, having spent some time in politics on her path to CMO of NBCUniversal’s Telemundo. Further, not only is she the Chief Marketing Officer, with all marketing and communications responsibility, she also leads Human Resources. As we’ve all be saying these past few weeks, there is no playbook for the crisis we are currently going through, but Mónica has embraced the power of proactive communications to maintain trust with employees. 

“What we've realized is that now more than ever, internal communications have become vital and quite frankly, a lifeline for so many of our employees. And employers, in many ways, have now become the most trusted source, along with doctors for your employees. Whereas before, that may have not been the case. So, we've seen a real shift in the level of trust that our employees have felt from management, from leadership as a result of Covid-19.”

She not only pre-planned for the crisis—taking notes from what other countries and even Silicon Valley was doing early on—but she’s also thinking about life at work post-coronavirus and how to acclimate the team back to the office.

“We will probably start thinking about how do you tier people coming back—maybe you bring 50% of the employees back at one time, or maybe you alternate dates and rotate. That is something that we are seriously considering,” Mónica shared.

She also stresses the importance of maintaining serendipity that can be lost in this new virtual environment. “There are benefits of working from home, but we have to have a balance. Some of the most creative conversations and some of the most important opportunities, at least in my lifetime, have happened by just bumping into someone while I'm grabbing a cup of coffee. … So, we're going to have to work very closely to make sure that we don't lose that ability to connect.”

And as if that isn’t enough for a leader to tackle, Mónica continues her steadfast mission to empower and uplift Latinas in the workplace.

“I like to say the things that I wish somebody would have told me and feel it's my responsibility to share this wealth of information with other Latinas. I've always said that if I have a corner office, it's my responsibility to throw a rope and bring another Latina back in.”

Tune in for more tips on how Mónica is building trust through communications in crisis and changing past perceptions of the fast-growing, dynamic group of Hispanic-Americans.