Roy Spence
CEO and Chairman

Roy Spence on Chief Purpose Officers And Love Cultures

What a wild ride with Roy Spence, Co-founder & Chairman of GSD&M and Co-founder & CEO of The Purpose Institute! After my podcast with Tony Rogers, CMO of Walmart, where Tony called out Roy as his mentor, I was inspired to reach out and learn more about this legend. I now know why Tony and so many others think of Roy when they think of Culture and Purpose.

As I was interviewing Roy, I was swept away by one amazing story after another on his life’s journey and how he has helped countless companies find and redefine their purpose since he walked into a bank in the 1970s with long hair, a tie-dyed T-shirt and dream. He asked for $5000 to kick-start his business, somehow managed to get it, and off he went to start GSD&M with his three friends.

Along the way, Roy co-founded The Purpose Institute with Haley Rushing, Chief Purposeologist.  I’m not sure I spelled that right, but I don’t care. So cool. The Purpose Institute was meant to help companies who were motivated to “making a positive difference in the lives of the people they serve”.  As we talked about the morphing role of Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Culture Officer to Chief Purpose Officer, Roy shared that he believes CMOs have the “ability to be a powerful force for good, not only good within their own organization but also uniting behind opportunities to improve lives and improve America.”

And America, here he comes!  This year Roy launched, with a little help from his friend, Matthew McConaugheyThe Promiseland Project at SXSW to help bridge the cultural divide impinging America’s growth potential.  As he says, “I’m taking America on as my client, pro-bono”.  His mission?  Help people across America discover what they are good at so they can be great, not remaining average at what they are bad at, and foster a love culture of support and appreciation for one another.

Join us in this wonderful podcast that explores so many important themes for business and life.  And thank you, Roy Spence, for your relentless efforts!