Robin Domeniconi
CEO and Founder

A One Way Ticket to Bali

I was lucky enough to catch Robin Domeniconi, CEO and Founder of Threaded Tales and former CMO of (RED), in between her global hops, to grab her inspirational story to share with you. I met Robin a couple of years ago and her story has stayed with me in vibrant color ever since. A remarkable journey that took her on a whirlwind career leading some of the world’s most popular publications, like Real Simple and Elle, jumping into private equity, evolving brands like Microsoft and Rue La La into media properties and then… a one-way ticket to Bali.

“I woke up one day and all the passion had left. I was no longer seeking that corner office.  After so many years of being successful in a career and going and going, you never really stop and take stock of ‘is this what I want to be doing?’” That day, Robin decided to quit her job as CMO of Rue La La, exit her 11-year relationship, sell her home and head to Bali to do some soul searching.  But before she stepped onto the plane, (RED) called and asked her to be their CMO.  Tempting… but no, she was headed to Bali with no return date in mind.  She’d eventually come back and take that job, but what she discovered in Bali would become Threaded Tales.

What is Threaded Tales?  I simply can’t tell you this story myself.  It is so personal, you have to tune in and hear Robin tell you what it is, but more importantly, why it exists and how it is now literally one of the most personalized consumer products on the market with an incredibly noble infrastructure to give back to the world, giving women in less fortunate circumstances great paying jobs and putting children through school.

“It's really hard to step out of the corporate life. It's really hard to walk away from that corner office and all the accolades that I got by being in those positions and meeting and working with the most incredible brands and incredible people and not to mention the financial rewards from that. But when you really go for your heart and your soul and your purpose, and you find that by stopping and just listening and remembering what you loved to do when you were a child, it's incredible what happens. When you follow your passions, financial rewards will come with that. I'm not living in a four-bedroom townhome on the park anymore. I'm living in a one bedroom apartment in Chelsea and I've never ever been happier.”

Tune in to hear how Robin led and grew multiple big brands and the things she learned along the way which all came together to form Threaded Tales. “There's not a single person we couldn't learn to love if we knew their story.”