Peter McGuinness
Chief Marketing Officer

Chobani CMO Peter McGuinness on Modern Demand And Creation

Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer for Chobani, was called a "CMO Plus" by Bruce Rogers, former Chief Insights Officer at Forbes, so I had to dig deeper…what does that mean?

Well, after talking with Peter, it means there isn’t much at Chobani that Peter doesn’t touch, or lead for that matter.  In a bold move to merge Sales and Marketing under a new Demand Department, Peter has pulled down all the walls and set a new pace of innovation by leveraging the combined skills of both.  Gone are the old days of a two-day National Sales Meeting as the only source of true collaboration. Although those still happen, the new integrated team at Chobani creates an environment where teams can brainstorm, strategize, and build a shared plan to win on a daily and ongoing basis.

The results speak for themselves…Chobani is enjoying double-digit growth in a stagnant category and driving expanded consumption for existing category consumers as well as fundamentally changing how yogurt is consumed across all households.  Between new products, new formats, new initiatives, Chobani is on a mission to ensure that any household who wants to enjoy heathy food can access at least the products that Chobani makes.

And if that means providing Chobani products for free, well that is exactly what they’ve done.  During their 10-year anniversary celebration last month, the company made the bold decision to offer a free cup of yogurt to everyone across America. Not only did they generate more than 10 billion earned media impressions as part of the announcement, they also gave away more than 21,000 cases of yogurt to children in need through a partnership with No Kid Hungry.

Join Peter and I as we explore a new model for the future, how to inspire innovation, how to be part of the entire process from product development to people development, and how to navigate your own career from a back basement office with just a stapler to leading a full-fledged modern demand organization.