Nick Drake
EVP, Marketing and Experience

T-Mobile EVP Nick Drake on “Going into the Unknown and Amazing Things will Happen”

On a crazy day at CES a few weeks ago, I was able to catch up with Nick Drake, EVP of Marketing & Experience of T-Mobile to hear about what he’s been up to since I last saw him. My first “live” experience with Nick six months ago was nothing short of amazing, so I couldn’t wait to dig in deeper to explore why he and the entire T-Mobile team had this incredible sense of adventure and passion around all the work they are doing.

We kick off our session with a bit of Axl Rose therapy, as both of us had been pushing the boundaries of our voices over the hectic few days of CES, but that little bit of tea and honey served us well throughout the many important career and life lessons that Nick openly shares. From the Rugby field to the inside of agencies to the ocean on a surfboard and into the Outback as a Jackaroo, Nick’s life adventures are mesmerizing. And despite his humble and gracious demeanor around his opportunities in life, his spirit of always “going into the unknown and amazing things will happen” has shaped his career and all the companies he has led into greatness.

T-Mobile is known for being “Un-carrier” in many of their moves which is a direct reflection of the internal culture of collaboration, exploration and being fiercely focused on the customer. Tune in to hear more about how they are dramatically changing the wireless industry in every move they make and how they have quickly removed so many points of customer friction to deliver their compelling “Are you with us” message with conviction. Also, don’t miss the end of this episode when Nick shares his point of view on the efficacy of advertising today and the role that 5G will play in ferreting out those brands and agencies that will truly win in the future.