Meredith Verdone

Bank of America CMO Meredith Verdone on How to Win As A Team

“There's something very special about working in a category that has so much impact on people's lives.” Meredith Verdone, CMO of Bank of America, unequivocally loves her job. And with 20 years of experience with the bank, Meredith has not only seen growth in her role – now taking on all brand, media and creative strategy for the enterprise – but also in the way the brand connects with consumers on the sometimes sticky subject of money.

“We’re asking and we’re listening and it’s about empathy. And that’s what marketing to me is about.”

For Meredith, it’s all about genuine trust, authenticity and empathy. She’s leading the charge to keep the 20-year old brand stay culturally, socially and generationally relevant – from partnering with Buzzfeed to create a financial camp for “50 under 50” (that is, 50 people making $50k or less), to the recent campaign ‎that asks “What would you like the power to do?”

Meredith remarks that although it’s rare to see a CEO in an ad, their latest campaign featuring Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan embodies how they operate as a company. She says, “it's Brian's voice. It is humble, it is him, is the value of our company comes through is that humility.”

Meredith also shares how growing up playing sports helped show her the importance of teamwork, and why challenging yourself (and teammates) benefits everyone as long as you’re moving towards the same vision. Listen to hear her experience as a working mom, the advice that helped shape her career, and how to build an agency model that works.