McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown Steering Through The Most Complicated Track in Motor Racing Sport History

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, joins us to share his perspective on the motor racing industry today, the future, and why he brought on the first CMO of McLaren Racing, Mark Waller, former CMO of the NFL. Zak, as CEO, has had to make some tough decisions these past few months, including having to furlough three-quarters of the staff, but he remains positive on the future as the learnings are pushing the technology sport to new levels that are in the fan’s best interest.

"It’s easy to be a CEO when it’s easy, it’s hard to be a CEO when it’s hard, but the good CEOs, I think, thrive in that environment."

You may not think of racing as a technology sport, but after I spoke with Zak, I’m certainly convinced now. “I think when people watch Formula 1, there are so many different things that people find intriguing. There are some people that just love the actual racing on the track. There are people that are fascinated by the technology that goes into these race cars… we have over 250 sensors on the race car. We change 80% of our race car from the start of the year to the end of the year. The car that qualified first at the first race of the year… if you didn’t touch it by the end of the year, you would qualify last. We do a new part for our race car every 14 minutes, 365 days a year. So it’s a very, very fast-paced technology-driven sport.”

Join us as we dive deep into Zak’s world and his journey from driver to CEO. Find out how he’s leading his team into the future and why he says, “indecision is a dangerous place to be.” Also don’t miss his perspective on why marketing is vital as we move into a new, and overdue, time of being truly focused on the fans.

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