Mary Beth Laughton
EVP, Omni Retail

How Sephora EVP Mary Beth Laughton is Reimagining Retail

Mary Beth Laughton, EVP of Omni Retail at Sephora, has one of the hottest new roles in the industry geared to reimagine the customer experience across the physical and digital worlds.  Her counterpart, who leads brand marketing, thinks about the “What”, whereas Mary Beth thinks about the “Who” and the “How”.

As we walk through the dynamics of this newly created role, Mary Beth shares some cool innovation that she and her team have developed and areas she’s exploring for the future. Key to her success is to ask a lot of provocative questions as she’s trailblazing and being comfortable not having all the answers.

In fact, Mary Beth shares how those two philosophies have shaped and driven her entire career.  It is what motivated her to define another new role for herself when she was at Nike, to lead the then evolving focus on e-commerce.

Her most notable moment at Sephora? It isn’t what you think it will be, so you’ll just have to tune in to hear this incredible leadership tip.  As well as a fun moment where I threw in a real-time listener question!  “Can you give me an example of a perfect omnichannel experience for the consumer?”

Join us as we explore Mary Beth’s exciting career and how she continuously evaluates “Just Do It” with “Just Enough” to keep balance across work, family and health.