Maria Menounos
CEO & Creator

How Maria Menounos is Building the “ESPN of TV Talk” with AfterBuzz TV

When I first met Maria Menounos, I have to admit, I was quite star-struck. I mean, here was this glowing celebrity who I had seen on just about every channel and in every magazine, and I had so many questions for her. As we started talking, I was completely floored to learn that not only was she a host, an author, a podcaster, even a wrestler, but she was also the CEO and co-founder of a revolutionary new type of network, AfterBuzz TV, producing more than 150 hours of programming each week and developing the careers of hundreds of new hosts each year.

Growing up as the daughter of Greek immigrants who didn’t speak English, Maria quickly learned the value of hard work from the age when she could first pick up a broom to help with her family’s janitorial business. As she began to dream of Hollywood, she pursued every possible angle to get her foot in the door, from studying journalism to accepting early roles as a high school news reporter. Once in LA, she quickly earned roles at Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, The Today Show, and the list goes on. Today, she runs the first of its kind online broadcast network, AfterBuzz TV, that gives super fans a chance to keep the conversation going for their favorite TV shows, which has earned billions of downloads all over the globe and is creating a net new model for brands to engage with fans.

Beyond her success, what’s truly remarkable about Maria is her deep commitment to helping others succeed. While quarterbacking her mother’s stage 4 brain cancer care, Maria discovered she herself had a brain tumor and faced a pivotal point in her life and career. Post her surgery, Maria decided to focus on how she could help others and has not only helped hundreds of new hosts get started but also provides countless tips for improving health and well-being on her own website, As she generously shares her learnings with so many others, Maria stays grounded in the fact that the only person calling the shots in her life now is herself, and she couldn’t be happier.

Tune in to hear Maria tell her incredible story and take note of this new media network, AfterBuzz TV, that is breaking all the rules of old school advertising and engagement. This is the future of storytelling and the co-creation of content.