Kristin Patrick
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How PepsiCo CMO Kristin Patrick Leads Lifestyle Brands As A Cultural Curator

Kristin Patrick shares her diverse and exciting career path that included stops in law school, entertainment, fashion, beauty and even as former CMO of Playboy to become the first ever CMO of Brand Development for PepsiCo.  This new role allowed Kristin to take full advantage of her unique strengths in bringing together creative storytelling and digital entertainment. As Head of Brand Development, Kristin works across all divisions of Pepsi and is focused on digital strategy, content development and long-term brand strategy.

Kristin’s strengths align beautifully with her passions for creativity, strategic thinking and analytics.  Interestingly, one of Kristin’s big tips for success is to know what you're good at and don't try to be something that you're not.  In her journey, she often tried to downplay her creative side, which ultimately made all the difference in her career and earning her role at Pepsi.

Join us as we explore Kristin’s experiences in and perspectives on cultural strategy, lifestyle brands, digital storytelling, partnerships, empathetic leadership, the role of women in business, women sponsorship, coastal differences and more.  Find out what inspires Kristin and where she may be in the future…