Greg Revelle
Chief Marketing Officer

Kohl’s CMO Greg Revelle on The Art, Science And People Of Personalization And Loyalty


Greg Revelle, CMO of Kohl’s, spends two-thirds of his time thinking about Personalization and Loyalty.  But that isn’t to say he’s thinking about it from a purely functional standpoint.  As CMO, Greg is thinking about it from a team, culture and skill perspective.  How do you assemble the right team with the right skills and ensure that you are providing an environment where everyone can bring their best selves?

As Greg notes, “what I need to really push is what capabilities do we need to create for our organization to ensure the long-term success of marketing and Kohl’s products.”  And in Greg’s perspective, that means hiring the best who are better at their jobs than he could be, having trust in their capabilities and fostering opportunities for them to work together, leaving their function at the door, to “create something that's really never been done at Kohl's or in the industry.”

As we dive deep into what’s not working and what’s possible for personalization and loyalty programs in the future, especially the need to keep it simple, which happens to be extremely complicated to do, we also explore key tenets on how Greg builds and supports his team - empowerment being key, as well as democratization.

When it comes to career advice and mentoring, Greg offers up an abundance of great tips and it is obvious that Greg is hands-down one of the very best people champions out there who humbly accepts his role as their servant. “By the time you get to be a CMO, I consider my success 90 percent driven by what my people do and about 10 percent driven by what I do”.

Join us as we explore the team dynamics at Kohl’s, the focus on future capability building, tenets for impactful leadership, Greg’s career path which started in finance, his career tips and what to ask for from your boss.