BRAD Hiranaga
Chief Brand Officer, North America General Mills logo

General Mills CBO Brad Hiranaga on a Billion Acts of Good

What better role than Chief Brand Officer for someone who's "in love with brands?" Brad Hiranaga and I sat down in Cannes to talk about what he’s up to at General Mills in his role as North America Chief Brand Officer and where his love for brands has taken on a higher meaning. From growing up in the Pacific Northwest with Nike in his backyard to begging his mom to buy him IZOD polos "because of the alligator on it,” Brad is now at the helm leveraging the power of brands to be a force for good.

In this episode, we dive into the difference between the CMO and CBO role, connecting purpose and culture across 30,000 employees, and how they're not only recruiting and retaining talent in Minneapolis, but also accelerating diverse talent into leadership positions to ensure there is authentic connectivity at all levels in the organization to the diverse consumer base they serve.

We also talk about building a portfolio of brands for the future, while leveraging the $15B parent brand as a force for good. A billion acts of good to be exact, with a number of inspiring goals wrapped around three major pillars: sustainability, education and school supplies, and to help solve the hunger gap, especially for children.

“I think the word good a few years ago it was ‘eh, good’s not great’. I think ‘good', today in the context of what's happening in the world, is actually one of the best words. And so I love the fact that it can be the unifying theme across all of these different brands. We're about good with the mission of being a force for good.”

Find out what it means to set goals such as a million acres and one hundred million meals. Also, don’t miss Brad’s fantastic career advice and how he navigated to find harmony between his personal passion and the purpose he leads for General Mills.

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