Special Edition: CMO Moves Duos Julian Duncan and Daniel Cherry III

CMOs from Jacksonville Jaguars and Activision Blizzard Esports Talk Blurred Lines Between Athletes, Gamers and Fans

What happens when you bring together two CMOs from live sports and online gaming? A fascinating conversation around the future of sports – both on the ground and online – driven by superfans. As lines continue to blur between professional athletes and expert gamers, the future is all about engaging and empowering fans around the world to be part of the game and even compete with each other.  As Daniel Cherry III calls it: “competitive entertainment.”

Join Julian Duncan, CMO of NFL Jacksonville Jaguars and Daniel Cherry III, CMO of Activision Blizzard Esports as they dive deep into this exciting world and hear how they are constantly upping their game. From spa cabanas in the stadium to bringing online to life with community competitions like “Overwatch League.”

Also, don’t miss how they got to the top of their game and how they’re empowering others with “radical inclusivity” and intentional advocacy. I especially love Daniel’s breakdown of the “4Ps” that guide his leadership style and they aren’t what you might think they are.

And what’s this about Chris Bruzzo, CMO of EA, Pac-Man and Brandweek? I heard Julian will be delivering some baked goods… You can’t make this stuff up so you’ll have to tune in to hear more!

(Left) The Orc Statue, inspired by popular interactive online game World of Warcraft and (Right) The "Touchdown" Statue outside of EverBank Field in Jacksonville, FL.

Heard On This Episode

Put Action Behind Diversity

"When I wake up in the morning, I'm thinking about what I can do to help transform the face of marketing as it relates to persons of color. When you look at some of the leadership roles, you don't see a ton of diversity. We've got to make sure that we're putting some action to it to help change it. There are business cases out there that tell you diverse experiences, diverse people, diverse points of view lead to greater business results. So I'm on a mission to do my part to help transform that, starting right here in the realm of athletics." - Julian Duncan

Practice Radical Inclusivity

"Oftentimes as marketers, we get into our own little bubbles and I believe that our budget and our plan are what create our vision. The reality is you've got to think much bigger than that. Lift as you climb. I have oftentimes used the term radical inclusivity. You have to be radically inclusive because it's not natural to look outside of yourself, meaning to not hire folks that look like you. That old adage, they're not a culture fit. Well, you should question your culture. That's the first thing you should question before you question if they fit it or not." -Daniel Cherry III

Keep in Mind The (Other) 4 P's

"If you're a marketer, you have your four P's but mine are a little different. The first is people. Putting my people in positions to win and impact culture in a positive way. I've never actually been able to hit a number without happy, motivated people. The second is priorities. Do we have our priorities aligned? The third is process. Do we have the ability to continually progress and make things better? And the last P is performance. I like the pressure of performing with real metrics, real KPIs and real goals. To me, that's like winning a championship in business." -Daniel Cherry III

Foster the Community

"The community piece is really important when it comes to what we’re doing in the video game space and this community that already exists, that we are now celebrating and elevating as much as we can. They believe in this global community. One of the best things about Overwatch League, given how global it is, is that this community doesn't oftentimes have places and spaces for them to engage in what we call IRL (in real life). So building this e-sports experience is going to give folks a place of their own to come together and commune." -Daniel Cherry III

Move from Transactions to Relationships

"What we're trying to shift to is being a relationship brand. As more and more brands give themselves over to creating experiences, that's something in the sports industry we have to be mindful of, because we're not necessarily competing against other franchises or other sports teams. We're competing against other brands that are carving and crafting experiences to get that mindshare with our fan, and with our consumer. So that's a huge shift that you're starting to see in our space moving away from that transaction and building those communities, where you have these inseparable, unbreakable bonds with fans and consumers." - Julian Duncan

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