Special Edition: CMO Moves Duos Citi and Verizon

Citi CBO Carla Hassan and Verizon CMO Diego Scotti Talk Shop in Cannes

Introducing a whole new mini-series as part of CMO Moves... Duos! After I released my 70th episode, I thought to myself, “hmm, I have a lot of incredible new guests coming up, but I also miss hearing from the first 70!” As you know, time flies and my prior guests have been super busy doing all kinds of new and wonderful things. Since I already interviewed them, I thought we'd turn the tables for a little fun.

And with that, CMO Moves Duos was born. First up is Carla Hassan, Global Chief Brand Officer of Citi and Diego Scotti, CMO of Verizon interviewing each other! That’s right, I passed the mic over and sat back to enjoy the show myself. You are definitely going to want to be in a space where you can laugh out loud when you listen, especially for the final 90 seconds (I've had that part on repeat since I recorded and can’t stop laughing).

But on a serious note, this podcast is packed full of incredible tips from not just one amazing marketing leader, but two. Join them as they go deep into topics such as Diversity, Inclusion, Leadership, Authenticity, Storytelling, Brand, Change Management, Personal Branding and more. Here is just a peek…

“We always believe that you can't have diversity without inclusion and that you really need to work on both simultaneously in order to get the results. There's no point in bringing in diverse people if then they don't feel included or they can't be themselves.” – Diego Scotti, CMO of Verizon (catch Diego's original CMO Moves episode here)

“What I'm trying to do is make sure that we humanize this brand because there is an opportunity to. And so not losing the heritage, but humanizing it in a way that makes it more relevant, that's not wallpaper when you walk by it. That you actually sit up and notice.” – Carla Hassan, Global CBO of Citi (catch Carla's original CMO Moves episode here)

Fasten your headphones and get ready for an epic new adventure. More Duos coming soon as special editions of CMO Moves along with a new twice a week release schedule to accommodate all the incredible guests coming up. Do let me know what you think of the new duos and hoping I didn’t just write myself out of my own job... enjoy! 🙂

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