Chris Capossela
Chief Marketing Officer

How Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela Adopted a Growth Mindset with Inclusivity as the North Star

Chris Capossela, CMO of Microsoft, is one of the few guests I’ve had on CMO Moves who I had never met or interacted with in some way before we sat down to record this episode. I had no idea what to expect, but wow, was I impressed! We covered so much ground in 30 minutes, to include Chris’s first job helping his family restaurant, why he chose Microsoft for the past 27 years, what he’s learned along the way and how he is now helping to lead one of the most impressive cultural transformations as CMO.

When Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft four and a half years ago, he focused his leadership team on determining what the culture of Microsoft would become and then began laying a path for transformation. After a lot of hard work, the leadership team landed on “this notion of a growth mindset”, moving Microsoft from being a “know-it-all culture to a learn-it-all culture where curiosity and learning is as valuable as anything else.”

Critical in this transformative growth strategy was addressing inclusivity, because “Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.”  And as Chris says, “Inclusion has become one of our real north stars for making progress because if we make progress on it, that means we are demonstrating this growth mindset.” Chris spends much of his time, as CMO, ensuring he’s delivering on three key areas: inclusive culture, inclusive products, inclusive marketing.

Chris shared how much easier it was to lead a cultural change when you have a CEO who is not only personally committed but also possesses a “superpower” of empathy. A critical skill for every member of the leadership team in order to truly model the way. How does one gain this superpower? Well you’ll just have to tune in to hear more from Chris, but I will give you a little hint… “proximity is the most powerful path to empathy.”

Join us in this fascinating conversation about culture, inclusivity, leadership, mentoring, success tips, career moves, and so much more!