Chris Brandt
Chief Marketing Officer

Celebrating First Downs, Not Just Touchdowns

Chris Brandt, CMO of Chipotle, is on a mission to help make Chipotle a lifestyle brand versus just a food brand, which means creating emotional connections with consumers who buy into the brand, not just buy it.  Alongside a whole new leadership team at Chipotle, Chris has been hard at work redefining what food could be and underscoring their purpose to cultivate a better world.

How can one do that through food?  Well, first and foremost being committed to having only the freshest ingredients as part of any dish and to tell the stories about sourcing and how employees, especially the ones who make the food, are treated.  “The ultimate test of a lifestyle brand is when consumers want to wear your brand like a badge.” In this case, proudly sporting a pepper logo.

Let’s not forget about fun though.  As Chris reminds us, consumers want to have fun with a brand who can have fun with themselves.  So for his team to be successful, it really requires a mix of storytelling, innovation and collaboration to deliver exciting new ways to engage consumers every day.

“If you’re doing your job the same way you did last year, you’re falling behind because the world is changing at a rapid clip.”

In this episode, Chris dives deep into all three of those skills and how his team is building some of the most exciting new campaigns in Chipotle’s history at lightning speed.  Chris also is adamant about not forgetting the economics of marketing and shares his perspective on the difference between finance and “marketing math”.  As an economics major in college who turned into a leading marketer at companies like General Mills, Coca-Cola, Taco Bell and Bloomin’ Brands before Chipotle, you must tune in to hear his incredible journey and how he’s learned to focus, measure and celebrate not just touchdowns, but all the first downs required to deliver long-term results.