Charlie Cole
Chief Digital Officer

Tumi Chief Digital Officer Charlie Cole on Big Swings, Big Misses and Defensible Scale

Charlie Cole, Chief eCommerce Officer for Samsonite and Chief Digital Officer for Tumi shares great advice for anyone looking to thrive in today’s global economy. Well-traveled and well-versed in all things data, technology and customer experience, Charlie discusses the role of the CDO and how to take big swings to overcome the limitations of incrementality.

With big swings comes big wins and big losses, and as Charlie says, you have to be willing to absorb the learnings from both. In addition, as a global brand, Charlie talks about how he leverages defensible scale as his competitive advantage and ability to deliver unique value to his customers.

Not only is this session informative, it’s a lot of fun too! Charlie’s style is to tell like it is and poke fun at his own mistakes.  “Don’t be an idiot” is some of the sound advice he gives while sharing his own snafu in globetrotting as well as “don’t hire people who are like you because that would be safe and boring”.

Join us as we talk about everything from eCommerce, global retail, AI, customer-centricity, building dream teams, planning your own career, travel adventures and opening an Italian-style bar that only operates from “noon-ish to two-ish”. Kieran Hannon, you’ve been officially invited!