Casey Hurbis
Chief Marketing Officer

How Quicken Loans CMO Casey Hurbis is Helping to Fulfill the American Dream


Casey Hurbis, CMO of Quicken Loans was a pure delight to chat with a couple of weeks ago. Casey leads Marketing for Quicken Loans, America’s largest mortgage lender, a company with 17,000 team members in downtown Detroit, making a significant impact on the revitalization of one of the nation’s great cities. The organization is also consistently ranked among the best places to work, and I was completely impressed with Casey’s humble and honest perspective on what it takes to achieve all this success.

If you spend one minute with Casey, you’ll hear immediately how proud he is of his team, the company culture, his role, his ability to impact growth in Detroit and young professionals everywhere.  On Casey’s team alone, he has over 240 team members as part of a massive in-house agency that generates over 13,000 assets on an annual basis.  Do they ever work with external agencies?  Absolutely, but Casey, having been at BBDO for 17 years before coming to Quicken Loans as CMO, is like a kid in a candy store working in the city he loves, or a happy man eating ridiculously hot chicken wings…you’ll just have to tune in to get that one.

Casey’s marketing philosophy is built on two pillars – be unique and memorable – which is symbiotic with his favorite Quicken Loans’ campaign that ran in this year’s Super Bowl featuring Keegan-Michael Key, the “translator”.  As we explore the two positions, we also dive deep into the benefits and challenges of an in-house agency and how to work with internal PR teams to maximize success. A great playbook for anyone considering their agency model of the future.  Most importantly, as Casey reminds us all, it’s all about purpose. “our purpose is very, very simple. We want to help everyone in America realize their dream of being a homeowner.”