Bruce Rogers
Chief Insights Officer

Forbes Chief of Insights Bruce Rogers on The Evolving CMO Role and New 4C Framework

In this extremely informative session, Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer for Forbes and Head of the CMO Practice at Forbes, shares the keys to success for CMOs having worked with hundreds of C-Suite power players over the years.

His perspective is exceptionally thoughtful and knowledgeable as we explore the role of the CMO and what he defines as a CMO Plus, as well as who he considers as model representatives of that extended CMO role and why.

Join us to dive deep into the tough issues facing CMOs today, such as: how to gain and leverage influence in the right way, how to embrace and apply critical financial practices that will connect your marketing and business expertise, how to think about culture and your role in leading purpose for your company, how to redefine marketing from the 4 P’s to the 4 C’s, and more…

An accomplished marketer himself and a journalist, there aren’t many hats that Bruce hasn’t worn. Make sure you stay tuned in to the end to hear a surprising secret hat that Bruce wears which might clue you in on where to find him when he’s not in the office thinking about CMOs!