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Antonio Lucio on Inclusive Leadership Through Turbulence

On his last day as Global CMO of Facebook and also his last day as a CMO after 40 years in marketing, Antonio Lucio took to the virtual stage during Brandweek to share his thoughts on business, marketing and life. His touching farewell left all of us speechless, and many of us in tears with his heartfelt expression of gratitude for all and a final “Gracias de todo Corazon y hasta siempre!”

In this must-listen-to speech that you’ll have to playback at least 10 times, Antonio takes us through his journey in marketing and leadership and shares will all of us the lessons he learned along the way. Starting with an overview of marketing, Antonio reminds us all of the power of marketer and marketeers. Followed by his what, why, how and who of leadership, reminding us that “leadership is hard” and also lonely.

As Antonio also shared, there are negative consequences for your family and yourself when you take on too much at work. Having survived divorce, depression, and a heart attack, Antonio offers his advice as someone who has “made every mistake in the book.” He went on to say, “There is strength in vulnerability” and “we are heart more than mind.”

Tune into this breathtaking address filled with tips no one really ever tells you and be sure to have a pen, paper and a box of Kleenex handy.

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