When Your App Gets Acquired by Squarespace: Tech Entrepreneur Andy McCune Talks Big Ideas

Meet Andy McCune. Just two years ago, Andy co-founded the popular social stories template app Unfold, which has already amassed over 9 million monthly users including celebrities like Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello. The app was recently acquired by website platform Squarespace, where Andy is taking on the role of Head of Operations for Unfold.

But Andy’s success story is not one of luck. It’s a story of big ideas, perseverance and plenty of trial and error. Andy’s also the founder of travel media company Earth and has founded several other companies in mobile app development, ad tech and e-commerce. In this episode, we chat about Andy’s story, the Squarespace acquisition, and how Unfold is partnering with brands like Tommy Hilfiger. We also discuss how brands can better leverage Instagram stories and how Gen Z is redefining the role of work.

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