Vote Now for The Hot List 2012: Print

What are hottest print publications?

These are the names that dominate publishing—and print is just the beginning. After getting spanked for their slow embrace of digital, magazine and newspaper publishers lately have made up for lost time, cranking out a slew of tablet and mobile editions, e-commerce offshoots, even online games. They're also rolling out more branded consumer products than ever—from the Vogue Café to Southern Living sheets at Dillard's. Publishers are making real strides growing their business beyond just the ad page—it seems only fitting, then, that our editors are looking beyond just paper to determine the winners of this year's Hot List. We want you to have a voice as well, by voting for the best magazine to be seen reading on the subway, the hottest health and fitness title, and the best brand for keeping up with the Kardashians (or Bieber, or Honey Boo Boo)—in all their iterations.
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