Young Albus Dumbledore to Appear in the Second Fantastic Beasts Movie

By Maryann Yin 

Dumbledore (GalleyCat)The second Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie will feature a young Albus Dumbledore. According to The Huffington PostDavid Yates, the director of the first Fantastic Beasts movie and four films from the Harry Potter franchise, confirmed the news. He also announced that Johnny Depp will play the infamous dark wizard Grindelwald.

USA Today reports that Depp’s character will briefly appear in the first Fantastic Beasts movie. This highly anticipated movie will hit theaters on November 18. Follow these links to watch the first trailer, the second trailera teaser trailer, and a behind-the-scenes video.

Here’s more from Vanity Fair: “The Fantastic Beasts sequel promises to cover a ‘dark time for the wizarding world,’ a.k.a. the rise of Grindelwald. Who should we expect to portray his heartbroken former friend? Fans are already calling for Jared Harris, who has already made quite an impression playing heartbroken men like Lane Pryce (Mad Men) and King George VI (The Crown). Harris, of course, also happens to be the son of Richard Harris, who was the film series’ original Dumbledore until his death in 2002. Conveniently, the 55-year-old Harris is the right age to play opposite 53-year-old Depp.” (via The Leaky Cauldron)