Writers on Google+

By Jason Boog Comment

After our first couple weeks on Google+, we’ve met a whole new crew of online friends. We want to help writers with similar interests connect on this rapidly growing social network.

If you want to meet other writers or readers on Google+, add your name to our new directory. In the comments section below, just share your name, a description of your writing and a link to your Google+ profile. Unlike our Twitter directories, you must opt-in to this new list.

If you are new to the social network, we collected some simple tips: how to share books on Google+, how book clubs and authors can use Google+ Hangouts, advice on building Google+ Circles and Google+ promotional tools for writers.  UPDATE: This list has grown at an incredible pace. Please be patient as we add all the Google+ accounts–last updated August 12, 2011.

Writers Who Want To Connect on Google+
(add your name, description & Google+ link in the comments section)

K.B. Abele: Writer, Editor, Co-Founder of The Found Gen–an indie publishing house  & story/scripting group. Also publish a literary magazine “Lost & Found Quarterly.”

Aberjhani: I’m co-author of Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, current editor for the Civil War Savannah Series, author of 4 books of poetry, 1 paranormal suspense novel, and founder of Creative Thinkers International.

Abiola Abrams: I write about love, sex, dating, relationships, lifestyle and empowerment for women.

David Abrams: I write literary fiction (current WIP is a dark comedy about the Iraq War), review books, and blog about the literary life at The Quivering Pen.

John Adamus: I’m a consulting writer and editor who enjoys helping writers better their craft and discover their passion for storytelling. I also write detective fiction, noir, pastiche and sci-fi/fantasy.

Shelley Adina: I write young adult fiction as Shelley Adina, and Amish women’s fiction as Adina Senft.

Joe Ahearn: poet, fiction writer, essayist and blogger. Two books of my poems have been published–Five Fictions (Sulphur River Review Press) and synthetic (Firewheel Editions). I also curate the Bat Terrier blog

Alma Alexander: fantasy novelist, short story writer, anthologist, blogger, voracious reader, and all-around word nerd.

Christa Allan: Women’s/Contemporary Fiction

Colin Andrews: Published Author of The Phoenix group: Rising book 1. Looking for readers and writers alike to chat with and book reveiwers.

Amber Angelle: Freelance writer in New York City

Tomara Armstrong: I write whenever/whatever

Shevi Arnold: Humorous fiction, fantasy and science fiction writer & Geek Goddess.

Andrew Ashling: I write stuff. Gay stuff. Very gay stuff. All my novels contain male on male action, often very explicit.

Saul Austerlitz: Freelance writer for the Boston Globe etc., and author of “Another Fine Mess: A History of American Film Comedy” and “Money for Nothing: A History of the Music Video from the Beatles to the White Stripes.”

Christa Avampato: nonfiction writer on the topics of creativity, yoga, wellness, and business. I like to mix it up and keep it interesting

Ian Baaske: I write literary fiction, I guess, though I hate the word.

Nina Badzin: Short stories published in various literary journals. Runs the blog ninabadzin.com about the writing life, married life, and motherhood.

L.J. Bailey: I write poetry and nonfiction.

Jenn Baker: Romance writer, mostly contemporary western. I am also have my own book review website

Leah Banicki: Author of Historical and Contemporary Fiction

Tracey Baptiste: author of the YA novel ANGEL’S GRACE and several non-fiction middle grade books. I’m also an editor and freelance writer 

Emerald Barnes: I’m a fiction author who writes mostly in the YA genre concerning novels, but my short stories range in different genres.  I self-published an ebook on Kindle and Smashwords and have a short story published.

Rusty Barnes: Poet and author of two short story collections, Breaking it Down (2007), and Mostly Redneck (2011), due out on August 18th. Proprietor of Night Train, a literary journal, and Fried Chicken and Coffee, a blogazine of rural and/or Appalachian subject matter.

Evelyn Barney: I am a technical writer, web copywriter, (specializing in online education) and also play with creative non-fiction. My mantra is ‘plain language’ and it is my mission in life to tame industry and academic jargon wherever it is found.

Carolyn Burns Bass: founder and moderator of Twitter’s #litchat every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pmET. Completing revisions to novel, THE SWORD SWALLOWER’S DAUGHTER.

Paulette Beete: a writer in Silver Spring, Maryland. I primarily focus on poetry, although I’ve published fiction and non-fiction and I’m at work on a play.

Sarah Bek: My co-author and I recently completed our first urban fantasy/magical realism novel. We have intentions of continuing to write in the fantasy genre and experimenting with others, including romance, historical fiction and horror.

John Magnet Bell: I run a blog with prompts, prompts and more prompts. Each one is lovingly crafted. All of them are copyright-free. I lean heavily toward fantasy, sf/speculative fiction, weird and neopulp.

Matt Bell: Author of How They Were Found and Cataclysm Baby. Editor at Dzanc Books and The Collagist.

DeMisty Bellinger: I write fiction mostly (literary? who decides that?), but only started publishing fiction and some cross-genre pieces (poetry? fiction? prose poems? some hybrid funky stuff, at any rate) in the last three years.  Have also done some journalism work for about ten years.  Worked in publishing. Professional blogger for a while

Joe Benedict: I write SF, Fantasy, Detective and anything else with enough grit or room for the extraordinary. Currently running a modern SF serial

Tom Bentley: I write essays, travel pieces, fiction, business copywriting and all kinds of other flavored balderdash.

Linda Bernstein: I’m a much published journalist and long time editor who has been writing short fiction (some to be published in literary journals soon) and am now working on a complicated historical novel that’s driving me bats.

Robert Bidinotto: I’m an award-winning investigative journalist and editor, now writing fiction. My debut novel, HUNTER: A Thriller, was published in late June 2011.

Julia Biggs: education news reporter for local newspaper, blogger

Kenn Bivins: Author, Illustator, Renaissance man.

Gina Black: I write historical romance

Andrew Blackwell: Writer and filmmaker living in New York City. Author of VISIT SUNNY CHERNOBYL.

Kathryn R. Blake: Award-winning Paranormal Romance novelist (wicked and spicy)

Niki Bond: I’m an aspiring author, writing mainly epic fantasy. I’m currently trying to get my first book published.

Jason Boog: Creative nonfiction writer and GalleyCat editor.

Jason Boudreau: Author of science fiction novels like Rawmesh and writer on http://www.adadpress.com/

Bella Bowie: Writes and edits promos, business profiles and resumes until the gloaming sets in and fingers once weary dance across the keyboard, now spinning tales of the past, the present, and days yet to come.

Phil Bowyer: I am the author of “Social Media For Small Businesses”, and “Social Media Strategies 2”

Viktoria Bozsoki: I mostly write for TV and Theater

Chris Braak: I write…New Weird?  Industrial Fantasy, maybe.  Mad-Science Fiction.  Also co-founder of Threat Quality Press and (very) sporadic reviewer at io9.

Brabant: I write about things for people to read and sometimes they even pay me for the privilege.
It’s almost a living.

Robyn Bradley: Former Copy Bitch. Now Novelist Ninja and Short Story Seductress.

Nathan Bransford: Social Media Manager at CNET and author of the JACOB WONDERBAR novels

Theresa Breaux: Escape into my Imagination!

Allison Brennan: Author of romantic thrillers & mysteries, including the Lucy Kincaid series.

Lisette Brodey: I am a fiction writer. Am currently blogging as the character of my upcoming third novel.

Brandy Brow: Editor, Writer, Christian Writers’ Group International director

Harriet Brown: literary nonfiction writer, science writer, memoirist, magazine writer. Most recent book is Brave Girl Eating: A Family’s Struggle with Anorexia

Michelle I Brooks: Author, adventurer, world traveler, habanero lover, kissing enthusiast. Bone Dressing is my new YA Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance novel, 99 cents.

Liz Budde: writer/editor/recovering lawyer. I’m excited to be doing more and more non-legal work: news, politics, current events, legal for non-lawyers, social media, all kinds of web content.

Jessica Burkhart: author of the Canterwood Crest series (Simon & Schuster’s Aladdin MIX) for tweens. Thirteen books of the 20-book series are currently on shelves. Freelance writer and co-owner of Violet & Ruby, a two-person book packager with my best friend/author/Canterwood editor, Kate Angelella.

Julia Burns: I write historical romance and science fiction.

Suzan Butler: Contemporary romance and young adult writer.

Raquel Byrnes: Edge of Your Seat Romance  – Stories that make your heart flutter in more ways than one.

Dallas Caldwell: Fantasy writer/strategy and role-playing game designer. First novel is planned for a fall release.

Janice Campbell: a writer, reader, speaker, idea generator and director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE.com).

Paulo Campos: I write literary fiction, blog at www.yingleyangle.com and host a weekly comedy podcast.

Rachel Cantor:  I write literary fiction.  I’ve published stories in the Paris Review, One Story, Kenyon Review, and lots of other great places.  Have collection, novel, novellas in the works. 

Angie Capozello: I write a fantasy web serial, and love to talk shop about the craft & business of writing

Cherry-Ann Carew: Co-author of ‘How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times’ and author of ‘Whisper Of Lies,’ a novel.

Martha Carr: national columnist on politics, thriller writer and blog on writing, parenting, faith, friends and politics

Jacquline Carrera: co-authored the YA novel SHAPESHIFTING FOR THE WIN (Jupiter Garden Press 2011) and am currently working on a couple of solo projects: a YA paranormal series that leans towards the Gothic and a humorous MG novel.

Jorge Carreon: My novel is about an aging intellectual’s struggle to keep a relationship with a young woman for the sake on their love-child.

Cindy Carroll: I write Urban Fantasy, suspense/thrillers, horror and scripts (TV and movie)

C. J. Carter: I mostly write science fiction novels/shorts/screenplays. I’m also known to commit random acts of art as well as perpetrating unrepentant acts of blogging

Daniel Cassady: I write short fiction, literary journalism and am working on a play that will hopefully be done this summer.

Guilie Castillo-Oriard: I’ve been writing fiction (short stories, couple of book-length MS) since I was around 12, I’ve only this year decided to take it to the next level.  I write memoirish-type fiction (think Isabel Allende), and I love twists.  I’m currently working on a novel

Heather Chadwick: Freelance Writer/Editor/Blogger

Edward Champion: Writer, journalist, producer of The Bat Segundo Show

Wendy Cheairs: I am a writer of a variety of things like sci-fi, fantasy, romance, erotica, urban fantasy, fiction, and often combination of all of them. My writing often depends on the moment. To pay the bills until novel writing all the time I freelance for writing and editing.

Curtis Chen: science fiction writer and puzzle hunt maker living near Portland, Oregon. Read my flash fiction every Friday at “512 Words or Fewer” and solve puzzles by myself and others every month at “Puzzled Pint.”  I am not an aardvark.

Jane Chin: creative nonfiction, personal essays, microessays, lyrical essays, memoirs, business writing (management, healthcare, careers, personal development), mad blogger (seriously… I run about 10 blogs).

Eric Christensen: Science fiction & fantasy writer in the DC area.

V.R. Christensen: author of neo-Victorian Historical Fiction. My first novel, Of Moths & Butterflies, is set to be released in October of 2011 through Captive Press.

Jane Ciabattari: I write fiction, book reviews, interviews, cultural criticism, and serve as VP/Online for the National Book Critics Circle (and as president 2008-2011).

Charmaine Clancy: I write fantasy, mystery and adventures.And blog about the craft of writing at

Bri Clark: Author of paranormal romance, romantic suspense and romantic thrillers, blogger, professional reviewer, social media marketing/blog admin for Stone House Ink, author platform consultant

Sherryl Clark: I write children’s and YA fiction, poetry and adult mysteries. I also teach creative writing.

Ericka Clay: I write general fiction and am currently working on my third novel manuscript.

Meg Waite Clayton: author of The Four Ms. Bradwells, The Wednesday Sisters, and The Language of Light, a finalist for the Bellwether Prize

Kirsten Coachman: Music & Entertainment writer/blogger

Bryan Coffelt: Poetry & short fiction

Evelyn Coleman: writes adult thillers, young adult contemporary and historical fiction, historical middle grade fiction and nonfiction, including American Girl books and also picture books.

Raul Colon: I write about small business and technology, vegetarian lifestyle and parenting.

Dan Conley: author of the upcoming “Montaigne’s Ghost Writer”, freelance speechwriter and ghost writer, based in Chicago.

Paul Constant: Books editor at The Stranger, an alt-weekly in Seattle. Book critic, reporter.

Brenda Cooper: I write science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary stories and novels.

Dave Copeland: freelance journalist, writing professor and author of “Blood & Volume: Inside New York’s Israeli Mafia” (Barricade 2007).

Marcus Corder: Senior Editor at Gray Dog Press, writer of fictions big and small.

Jenna Cosgrove: I write fiction and biography, currently working on my first book of each.

Jennie Coughlin: I write on the border of literary and commercial fiction, focusing on small towns.

Morgan Crooks: I am working on my second novel. Unpublished for the moment, I like to write about the weird intersections of physics, artificial life and memory.

Dave Cullen: Author of “Columbine.” Writing nonfiction account of gay army officers.

Sarah Cypher: Book editor, book reviewer for The Oregonian, and fiction writer. I’ve been published in Crab Orchard Review and write Middle Eastern speculative fiction.

Jonathan Dalar: Science fiction, horror and fantasy writer in the Pacific Northwest.

Morgan Dambergs: From Nova Scotia, Canada. I write a lot of fantasy and horror, plus some general fiction, science fiction, and cross-genre.

Helen David: I’m a paranormal fantasy novelist and freelance writer.

Laura E. Davis: poet, essayist, editor and educator. founder of Weave Magazine.

Sandy Day: I write poetry and anything I can get paid for, including blogs, advertising, marketing, and microsite content. My first book, Chatterbox Poems is launching September 2011.

Anthony Deaver:  I write Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Comic Fantasy (in the vein of Discworld or HitchHikers Guide) and anything else that catches my fancy.  (also have a pet detectives series)

Francy Dickinson: I write cozy mystery…The Crescent Island Mysteries and I’m supported by a group of writers called @WritersthatChat we are learning how to self publish together n love our weekly support chats

Justin Diehl: I write in a number of genres (Sci fi, some horror recently, fantasy, and many of their sub genres) mostly short and flash items and working my way into my first novel.

Carissa DiGiovanni: Communications Specialist for a Chicago university. MFA in poetry. Cobbling together Mediterranean-focused poems for a book.

Trista DiGiuseppi: dark science fiction/fantasy author. Main influences include H.P. Lovecraft, Neil Gaiman, and Stephen King.

Jackie DiGiovanni: Freelance writer working on magazine features, short stories, and a novel in which bad people sometimes do good things.

Dan Dillard: I write horror with irreverance. Nothing is sacred, including rigid mythology. I currently have two short story collections, “What Tangled Webs” and “Demons and Other Inconveniences” and one novella, “The Unauthorized Autobiography of Ethan Jacobs” (which is with Hellfire Publishing).

Jamie Doughty: Poetry author and cartoonist. Recently self published first book of poetry entitled “Leaving Present”

Sandy Dover: Published author / NBA and fitness columnist / comedy ghostwriter / artist

John M. Dow: Hi all! I write horror and dark fantasy. Have two novels on Amazon at the moment and am ploughing through my third.

Randall Drum:  I performed stand-up comedy for several years before settling down. These days I write horror and spec fiction.  I also listen to music that embarrasses my kids.

Chris Eboch: As Chris Eboch, I write children’s books for ages nine +. I also writes novels for adults under the name Kris Bock.

Morgan Drake Eckstein: Astrology, occult, Golden Dawn, Wicca.

Lorraine Hopping Egan: I write stories (true and not) in a range of media and have authored 50+ books, mostly for tweens/teens and collections of creative activities and games for teachers. I’m also a published board game designer.

Cara Ellison: I write romance and romantic suspense.

Jennifer Englert: New York writer living in Seattle. Writer of blog posts (http://wellreadfish.blogspot.com), short stories, limericks, and anything else you may need.

Laura Eno: I write fantasy, romance and horror…sometimes all at once.

Pat Esden: writer of middle grade and young adult fantasy–and antique dealing florist

Kristi Holmes Espineira: Fiction – young adult, historical.  Also write educational curriculum — reading guides, lessons, assessments, etc. — for language arts, English and other disciplines.

Rhianon Etzweiler: Military science fiction and speculative fiction. And gay romance.

David Ewald: Writer of literary and speculative fiction. Author of the recently released He Who Shall Remain Shameless: a paranormal adventure novel in stories 

Anna Falcone: I write horror and dark fiction, for the most part.  spend my time trying to make sense of it all.

Musharraf Ali Farooqi: Author, Translator and Publisher

John Farrell: Science writer and media producer. One Kindle novel online and working on several short stories. First book, The Day Without Yesterday, was about the Belgian priest who developed the first version of the Big Bang theory.

Jordan Ferguson: Sometimes journalist, aspiring fiction writer, blogger and podcaster, citizen of hip-hop, reluctant Canadian. Currently assembling stories for submission and a graphic novel script looking for an artist.

Jay Fingers: Author, blogger, copywriter, journalist, screenwriter. Currently prepping debut novel for publication.

Rhiannon Fionn-Bowman: I’m an award-winning independent journalist, and I’ve got two non-fiction books in the works.

Susannah Fisher: freelance writer, but writes literary fiction on the side.

J.E. Fishman: Frequent blogger on The Nervous Breakdown and author of the new thriller PRIMACY.

Michael A. FitzGerald: Author of Radiant Days and co-founder of Submishmash.com, a popular cloud-based submission management platform.

Sarah Flynn: Freelance music writer and recovering music industry vet, ex-indie rock magazine editor, currently working on my first non-music writing ventures, social media and marketing at Parragon Books, general lover of words and reading.

Mignon Fogarty: I’m Grammar Girl.

Miriam Foster: I’m a YA fantasy writer obsessed with anthropology and nature shows. And I just sold my book HOUSE OF A THOUSAND DOLLS to HarperCollins.

Diana Pharaoh Francis: I write traditional and urban fantasy.

D. B. Frank: Freelance Author of “Night Whispers”, collection of dark poetry. Contributing blogger for the HarrisburgMagazine.com.

Andy Frazier: children’s author of the Princess the Cow series, as well as other sories

Joshe Fuentes: Freelance writer in Chicago. Short stories.

Katie Ganshert: I write contemporary romance for the Christian market. My debut novel releases May, 2012 through Waterbrook Multnomah, a division of Random House.

James Alan Gardner I write science fiction and fantasy, novels and short stories.

Patrick Garratt: Games journalist. Short stories. Failed book deal. First novel about to be Kindleised

KG Garyson: writer of horror/dark fantasy novels and short stories. Currently working on his first book project tentatively titled “The Diabolic.”

Henry Gaudet: I write short fiction, usually involving something impossible.

L.S. Gaskin: I write fantasy and science fiction, blog and read incessantly.  I love new technology and ways to connect.

Mary Genest: I love to blog. I have a current true-life blog about having T1 Diabetes and I have just recently began to blog a fantasy fiction work entitled The Calling Of Gwyn!

Andre Gensburger: Writing/Screenwriting/publisher of one newspaper and two digital publications/general smartass

Laura Anne Gilman: SF/F/H and mystery novelist, short fiction of all genres.

Susan Gregg Gilmore: I write Southern fiction and author of Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen and The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove (Crown).

Samantha Gluck: I’m a digital and print journalist with an extensive medical background, which has afforded me to sub-specialize in writing about medical topics and health and wellness trends. Here’s my google+ profile:

Jami Gold: I’m a paranormal author – paranormal romance, urban fantasy, etc.  Just as long as it’s not normal. I’m also on Twitter @JamiGold, and I blog at http://jamigold.com.

Hannah Gomez: I write literary fiction and YA. I’m a book nerd, mediaphile, and grad student in children’s literature and library science.

Michael Gonzales: aspiring Comedy TV Writer / Playwright. Always up for reading specs…

Laura Goode: Author of Sister Mischief, just released by Candlewick Press.  Novelist, poet, dramatist, unicorn master

Claire S. Gould: Aspiring academic book editor. Book reviewer on Bibliofeminista.

David Gray: Short Stories, Poetry. Blogs

Marie-Paule Graham: Writer, Inrteractive Dramatist and Transmedia Producer. I’m interested in branching-narrative design, interactive stories and multi-platform storytelling.

Elisia Green: I write mainly thriller/mystery novels that have a romantic twist. I also write short stories on various themes and observation poetry.  I am a founder member of Room in the Roof writers based in Stoke on Trent.

Patricia Green: Erotic romance writer, with more than ten books on the market

Kim Greene: Aspiring writer with decades of corporate experience, now moving into the realm of commercial fiction

Tawnysha Greene: Writer and Fiction Editor of Grist: A Journal for Writers.

Anne Greenawalt: I am a freelance writer specializing in fiction and creative nonfiction on women’s sports and cultures. I’m the flash fiction contest manager for WOW! Women on Writing.

Orrin Grey: I write short supernatural stories. I’m a big Mike Mignola fan, and I talk a lot about old horror movies.

Nicola Griffith: English novelist and editor in Seattle.

Vito Grippi: I write fiction and creative nonfiction. Also, editor of Shaking Magazine.

Chris Guillebeau: Author of The $100 Startup (forthcoming from Crown Business) and publisher of The Art of Non-Conformity blog. Pursuing world domination, visiting every country, etc.

Brittany Gulbrandson: I write primarily regency fiction, fantasy and fairy tales.  I’ve yet to publish, but I’m always down with networking!

Victoria Gundrum: long-time editor (US) and journalist (Mexico) with a first book in the works about streetheads in San Francisco

Brinda Gupta: I am an essayist, focusing on humor and travel. I also have worked as an editor in the educational publishing industry for over a decade and can write language arts & social studies materials for grades K-12.

Kena H: I write about the arts and children but am looking to expand beyond these topics.

Derek Haines: Writer, Swiss, Aussie. Has a dog.

Jim Hanas: Author of the short story collection Why They Cried and social media director at Sonnet Media.

Brett Hardman: I’m a writer and editor for UK literary consultancy. When I find time, I work on my own manuscript, a non-genre fragmented narrative.

Nick Harkaway: Author of The Gone-Away World and forthcoming Angelmaker (Feb/March 2012), also non-fic The Blind Giant (April 2012). Blogger, Twitterer, GBS refusnik.

Philip Harris: California-based writer and student. Currently awaiting publication of non-fiction essay “Ghosts of the Canyon” in fall edition of The Los Angeles Review; working on first novel: Hollywood Zombies.

Cynthia Haven:  Literary/cultural journalist; proprietress of The Book Haven

Ian Thomas Healy: Novels and Short Stories-superhero, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, science fiction, steampunk. Ebooks on Smashwords and others.

Sonja Hegman: Website copywriter and ghost-blogger.

Brett Henley: narrative nonfiction and a few pieces of fiction in the works; write and manage content for the Web; Currently working on a WIP, narrative nonfiction novel using a blog to release the book iteratively.

Jim C. Hines: Published fantasy author (7 novels and 40+ short stories) and blogger.

Naomi Hirahara: Mas Arai mystery series author, middle-grade fiction, social historian, nonfiction and short story writer.  I also do developmental editing for memoir manuscripts.  My small press for special history projects: Midori Books.

Shelley Hitz: I am a Christian author and also write book marketing resources for authors.

Lynne Kelly Hoenig: I write for kids and young adults. My debut novel, CHAINED, will be published next spring by Farrar, Straus, & Giroux.

Buffy Holt: Blogger and writer of southern gothic fiction.

Caroline Honse: Contemporary/Mainstream/Literary fiction writer and Forensic Analytical Chemist.
Currently working on a new novel project and looking for writing buddies to share the journey.

Brandon Hopkins: Writer of mostly comic and sometimes experimental fiction, as well as the occasional sci fi story. Freelance editor for Penguin Group (USA), PEN International magazine, Steppe, and others. French-English translator and adjunct English professor. http://goog.la/

Linda Horne: I have published short stories in fiction, fantasy/sci-fi, and one children’s book.

Ken James Howe: Kidlit writer and reviewer. I review through NetGalley.com and GoodReads and post my reviews there as well as on my blog, The Writer’s RoadTrip

Kemari Howell: Fiction writer, Freelance Book Editor, and Owner/Contributing Author of http://easilymused.com.

Roger Hoyt:  I’m new to the writing industry and I’m currently working on my first novel.  Under my belt, I also include Poetry and Lyrics in my writings.  For novels, I enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Wynne Huddleston: I write poetry.

Steve Huff: Freelance writer, have covered crime for Village Voice Media, Daily Beast & Esquire.com. Write nonfiction, fiction and humor.

Diana Hunter: author of erotic romance. Also writes sweet romance and epic retellings.

Shelly Immel: I write upmarket women’s fiction about personal identity, growth and redemption. Current WIP series follows a Hollywood star’s struggle to live up to his grandfather’s ideal of manhood.

Karen Inglis: Children’s Author (and copywriter) I live in London, UK My first self-published book ‘The Secret Lake’ has just gone live on Amazon in the US and should be on the UK site in the next week.

AmyBeth Inverness: Sci-Fi Romance, set on a world where group marriage is the social norm, and the diversity of human sexuality is embraced.  Pre-published.

Candace Irvin: Former US Navy LT, currently writing thrillers. Pubbed in military RS w/ Silhouette Books.

Suzan Isik: freelance fiction editor, steampunk fantasy writer. I’m also a reviewer and co-founder of Book-Addicts.com, and I love reading just about any type of genre fiction.

Mark William Jackson: Poet, memoir, fiction, reviews.

Joe Jansen: High fantasy writer

Paul Jessup: writer of surreal, strange and slippery fiction. He has four books out with more to come. Werewolves, published by Chronicle Books, Open Your Eyes and Dead Stay Dead published by Apex books, and Glass Coffin Girls published by PS Publishing.

Carolyn Jewel: I write historical romance for Berkley Books (Sensation) and paranormal romance for Grand Central (Forever).

Jason R Jimenez: MFA student at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Fiction writer. WIP is novel titled WOLF/catherine, a modern retelling of the life of Saint Catherine of Siena.

Bill Jones, Jr.: I write fantasy fiction, and am just starting my 1st SciFi manuscript

Roxana Jones: “While I Was Learning To Become God”, an empowering autobiography, is my first book

Sherry Jones: author of “The Jewel of Medina” and “The Sword of Medina,” novels about A’isha, the youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad, and the forthcoming “Four Sisters, All Queens,”

Silke Juppenlatz: Romance author. I write mainly Paranormal, Fantasy and Futuristic Romance. Author of Smitten, and Howl.

Jungo: Poet / Creative writer / Ghostwriter / Freelance Writer

PJ Kaiser: Writer of short fiction, coordinator of Tuesday Serial.

Jennifer Karin: I have written 4 children’s books and am currently pitching my first novel, Asunder. I’m also a humor columnist. I’ll be starting a new novel, uh, today. Why not!

Chris Kammerud: I write science fiction and fantasy, and enjoy, among other things, zombies, true love, Kelly Link, Douglas Adams, and Joss Whedon. Regularly review books and comics for Strange Horizons.

Plato Kasserman: I write mostly fantasy fiction for young adults. My stories have humor, romance, and intrigue. I like dark, urban, and high fantasy, as well as some sci-fi. I also love paranormal, steampunk, and time travel themes.

Collin Kelley: Poet, novelist and journalist. New novel “Remain in Light” out October 2011.

Marcy Kennedy: Freelance writer and editor who writes speculative fiction and historical fiction with a touch of fantasy.

Traci Kenworth: I write YA Supernatural Horror.

Erin Kern: Writer of Contemporary romance.  My second novel will be released August 22nd.

Sarah Ketley: Starting my Journey to publication. I write YA historical fiction/steampunk but I also have a couple of adult ‘chick lit’ style books that are in the pipeline.

Lia Keyes: writes speculative fiction for teens with curious minds.

Tammi Kibler: freelance writer.

Charles Kim: I write fiction, science fiction and poetry.

Lisa Kilian: Author of the Blog “What Not To Do as a Writer.” Writes short stories and novels; freelances as a developmental editor.

Gary C. King: I am a true crime author.

Melissa Kinnel: I’m an aspiring author of fiction and poetry and am currently working on my first book. I love connecting with other writers to discuss writing tips, processes, etc.

Dylan Kinnett: I’m interested in performance, hypertext, avant-garde (whatever that is) and conceptual writing

K.F. Kirwin: I write horror stories.

Akash KJ: Fantasy Fiction Novelist and Freelanc Fiction Writer.

Ika Koeck: an author of fantasy and sci-fi, born and raised in Malaysia. I have published a short story in an anthology by DAW books and a flash fiction for the 100-stories-for-Queensland charity anthology. Currently working on a fantasy novel.

Keri Korteling: I’m an editor, writer of short fiction and lapsed blogger.

Kevin R. Kosar: author of nonfiction books, such as Whiskey: A Global History. I also review books for The Weekly Standard magazine and other periodicals.

Mary Robinette Kowal: Professional puppeteer and author of Shades of Milk and Honey

Piotr Kowalczyk:  I write geek fiction stories. Two collections published: Password Incorrect and Failure Confirmed. I’m also an ebook enthusiast and iPhone artist

Barbara Krasnoff: I work as a tech editor/writer for Computerworld and write speculative fiction the rest of the time. I’ve published short stories in a number of magazines, anthologies, etc.

Krystyna Lagowski: Toronto-based freelance writer specializing in automotive

Sandra Gail Lambert: Essays about my body, the landscapes of Florida, and dying mothers.  Also a novelist and blogger

Peter Landau: writer, represented by Bree Ogden, Martin Literary Management; editor, Handstand Publications, publisher of magazines and books to the tablet platform.

Cathy Lau: Loves kidlit, fractured fairy tales, and anything with a zany plot line or twist ending. Recently completed her first children’s novel and is currently experimenting with writing short stories in every other genre to see what else she enjoys writing.

Erynn Rowan Laurie: Seattle-area Pagan writer, poet & essayist.

Hayley E Lavik: Fantasy author

DJ Lawrence: Daedalus Chaos, diving into Poetry, Fiction and Non-fiction writing.

BV Lawson: Former radio host and classical musician, now author of general and crime fiction short stories, with novels in the works. Also a recovering Diet Coke addict.

R. Brett Lay: I am a YA and MG fiction writer

Dee-Ann LeBlanc: I write non-fiction around technology, from computer books (15) to how-to articles to journalism, with specialties in Linux, open source, and Content Management Systems. As Dee-Ann Latona I write science fiction and fantasy. I’m currently almost 100k words into the 3rd draft of a dark urban fantasy novel.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee: novelist, also write nonfiction for The New York Times, Slate, THe Atlantic and others.

Heather Lefebvre: literary fiction writer, sometimes speculative fiction.  Revising a short story collection and working on two novels, one YA

Tzu Leong: Too many years of commercial writing-for-a-career (thankfully some bookish and artsy reviews included); a propensity to find words by shape and to glimpse them swimming together in strange apparition

Richard Levangie: I’m a freelancer and environmental activist in Nova Scotia who is querying a late-MG adventure and writing a YA fantasy. The Sorting Hat would toss me in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.

Susan Lewis: freelance writer of fiction and short stories.

Tamara Linse: Writer, cogitator, recovering ranch girl who lives in Wyoming, where I write short stories and novels.

Kenji C. Liu: Poet and visual artist currently working on a multi-genre full-length manuscript. Nominated for a California Book Award and the Pushcart.

Denyse Loeb: Work has appeared in COSMIC Speculative Fiction; Aoife’s Kiss; Dragon, Knights, & Angels; Beyond Centauri; Distant Passages: The Best from Double-Edged Publishing Vol.1; Golden Visions; and Voices of Autism. She also admins Dreaming In Ink Writers Workshop.

Mary Long: Promotional writer and wannabe kung fu fighter!

Kerry Lonsdale: Writer, Women’s Fiction Member of RWA-WF

Stephanie M. Loree: Science Fiction & Fantasy

M. Stephen Lukac: Horror, Mystery & Non-Fiction, available on all e-platforms via B&N, Amazon & Smashwords.

Andrea Lynn: Southern-raised, NYC-based food writer and recipe developer/ tester. Also, the author of The I Love Trader Joe’s College Cookbook and the forthcoming I Love Whole Foods Cookbook.

Eden Mabee: reader of history, biography and speculative fiction; I write fantasy with a strong basis in classical romance and social interactions.

Dwight L. MacPherson: I write and edit comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, poems, short stories & novels.

Jessica Malone: I’m a student, fledgling writer, and ultimate bookworm. I write short stories, poetry and I blog. I’m not stuck to one genre as I like to explore lots of different things. I love to learn, I love to write, and I love life.

Cassie Mannes: Write poetry, fiction, dabble in non-fiction. Coordinating Editor for the Raleigh Review.

Jeffrey J. Mariotte: I’ve written 46 novels, ranging from horror to crime to fantasy to superhero, plus a few nonfiction books, some short fiction, and more than 130 comic books/graphic novels. I’m a co-owner of Mysterious Galaxy, an independent genre bookstore.

Marie Elena Martinez: Freelance travel, food and lifestyle writer for such pubs as Boston Globe, Huffington Post, WSJ, Newsday, Miami Herald, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Adventure, and The Daily Meal.  Working on a travel memoir that looks at both the on-the-road experience and the challenges involved in coming back home.

Keri Mathews: Writer of YA, modern chick lit, soft fantasy/spec, historical, and dark fiction. Editor of same. Frequent themes touch on animal rights/environment/social issues

Dale Mayer: I write both nonfiction, adult romantic thrillers and YA in all genres.

Cody Maynus: Minnesota-based freelance writer of fiction, poetry, and spirituality/theology and Literary Consultant for Snow Moon Press, LLC. Currently working on first novel and collection of poetry.

Isaac Mayo: I write SF and also blog about editing and publishing related topics.

Matt McCabe: Science Fiction/Fantasy Fusion

Dan McCarthy: Write as JW Rogers — literary fiction.

Lee McCoy: California lawyer writing literary fiction and fishing in the surf.

Debbie McGowan: Author of novels in various genres, including homoerotic fiction (Champagne, 2004), sci-fi fantasy (And The Walls Came Tumbling Down, 2010, No Dice, in production) and general fiction (Hiding Behind The Couch, also in production).

Don McIver: I write/read/perform poetry and one man shows.

Emily McKeon: I am a 28 year old mother of two. I live in Ware, MA with my children and husband of six years. I’m a writer on the go! My main focus is YA, but I dabble in adult topics.

Richard Melo: Novelist, author of Jokerman 8. Book reviewer, NBCC member

John Meadowcroft: UK-based, have written for Future, Dennis and Imagine Publishing, Trinity Mirror and more. Am also a dab-hand at all that SEO malarky.

Michael Merriam: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance author.

Court Merrigan: Documentor of rejections.

Jon F. Merz: I write urban fantasy, thrillers, non-fiction, and more.  I’m also involved in TV/feature film production as well as a martial arts junkie.

Michael Miller: Freelance writer, commentator and blogger – aspiring screen writer

Corey Mitchell: Best-selling true crime author of seven books. Currently helping Philip H. Anselmo (lead singer of Pantera/Down) write his autobiography.

Philippe Moisan: I have written hundreds or articles on business social networks, also a 125-page guide to my favorite site APSense, and 4 special reports to help new members of APSense.

Kira Morgana: (aka A.E. Churchyard) Genres: Fantasy / Paranormal / Horror / SF Markets: YA / Children’s / Adult

DC Morin: YA, Blogger, Therapist, and Compulsive Tweeter

Barb Mosher: Freelance Writer covering Social Business

Febe Moss: I’m currently writing urban mythology chick-lit novel.  I also write poetry, and short stories.

Joshua Mostafa: blogger at Overland, literature student at Sydney Uni, working on a novel manuscript.

Scott Mulraney: Young adult author who publishes suspense/thriller fiction under the pseudonym, Andy Rane.

Carrie Mumford: I’m a freelance writer and editor living in Calgary, Alberta. I write short stories and non-fiction articles, and am working on my first novel, which just happens to be a historical fiction.

Jacqui Murray: I write thrillers and tech non-fiction.

Annie Neugebauer: I write horror, poetry, and literary fiction. I’ve been published in a dozen venues, including Dark Horizons, Six Sentences, and NFSPS’s prize-winning anthology Encore.

R. Kyle Norris: Blogger, attempted columnist, aspiring poet, and sci-fi author (unpublished so far)

Katherine Nyborg: My focus is on Police Procedurals, Near-Future Thrillers, and Urban Paranormal stories, mainly novel length.  I also write occasional copy for my day job which is often fiction as well.

Cory Putman Oakes: I write YA and MG. My debut YA novel, THE VEIL, comes out this Nov 1, 2011 (Octane Press)

Lindsay Oberst: An Atlanta-based freelance writer who writes about art, culture, digital media and social and environmental good. I also run a writing blog called Word Zeal (wordzeal.com) and write (mostly short) stories and poetry.

Molly O’Brien: music writer for InYourSpeakers and the Wondaland Arts Society.

Sonia Obrien: Writer and Blogger from Southern CA about to publish my first book

Danielle Oliver: Poet, playwright, and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily BR!NK

January Gill O’Neil: Author of the poetry collection Underlife (CavenKerry Press). Working on manuscript #2.

Laura Orsini: Author of “1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women.”

Deb Osorio: writer, mom, social media-addicted. I write urban fantasy and erotica.

Zahra Owens: Contemporary m/m Romance writer. Card carrying member of Rainbow Romance Writers

Josh Patterson: Independent writer of urban fantasy, suspense and literary fiction. Literary magpie. Mischief maker.

Cyndi Pauwels: writer, reader, seeker of truth

Cathy Perkins: I write romantic suspense and mysteries

Kate Pesich: reporter for a small-market paper in Natchitoches, La. and a freelancer for AOL and Demand Media. I am also pursuing an MA in English with a concentration in writing and linguistics.

Kate Pilarcik: Believing in Believers. Author of noir and decades of distinction. Creator and presenter of authors with pizazz AT THE BIJOU, “where Writers’ raves become Readers’ faves” as well as the upcoming HARBINGER*33, heralding writers’ destinies. Promoter/Publisher with moxie. World needs more moxie.

Kelly Phelan: e-commerce copywriter by day, publisher of literary webzine Xenith by night

Angeli Pidcock: Fantasy Fiction author, leaning toward Arthurian Fiction.  First novel project, “The Journey of Excalibur” currently 60,000-words strong and growing.

Sarah Pinneo: author of Julia’s Child (Plume 2012) and The Ski House Cookbook (Clarkson Potter, 2007)

Tonya Plank: novelist (Swallow), dance blogger

Matthew C. Plourde: Speculative novel writer, cancer survivor, enterprise consultant.

Aaron Poehler: Music-specific copywriting, fiction, blogging

Guy Pope: urban fantasy mostly

Jennifer R. Povey: fantasy, science fiction, horror and the odd bit of non-fiction.

Heather Powers: I’m a freelance book reviewer and webmaster of www.earthsbooknook.blogspot.co…. I am also writing my first fantasy novel. Love networking and making new writer friends.

Judith van Praag: Freelance journalist/ content writer. Momentarily finishing inter-related yet stand-on-their-own novel, memoir and screenplay. General theme: Subsidized artists in Post-World-War II the Netherlands, love, PTSD and Chronic Psychosis.

Carol Quinn: Author of Follow My Lead: What Training My Dogs Taught Me About Life, Love, and Happiness. I’m also a blogger, fiction writer, and occasional reviewer.

Sheree Rabe: The face behind Poet on Poetry-Twitter Poetry Guru

Keryl Raist: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance that gets your brain and libido involved in the story.

Diana Rajchel: freelance writer, mind/body/spirit, poetry, fiction, blogging.

Candice Reed: Co-Author of Thank You for Firing Me and Stealing Homes (Aug.2011) Journalist, NY Times
contributor, NYJ of Books reviewer, ghostwriter, grant writer and face behind the apron- The Laughing
Matriarch blog. I need to focus!

Nobilis Reed: The most prolific erotica podcaster on Earth

Ruthanne Reid: I write fantasy and soft sci-fi, with an emphasis on genre-bending and complex characters.

Linda Ann Rentschler: novelist, women’s fiction, comic fiction, playwright, screenwriter

Scott C. Reynolds: I write humor on McSweeney’s and Slacktory and am currently a PAGE Awards quarterfinalist for a romantic comedy screenplay

Chris Ringler: I am the author of several books ranging from horror to fairy tales. I am constantly blogging, writing, or reviewing movies. Living in Flint, MI.

Lisa Rivero: Author of four books, writer for Psychology Today, and college writing and creative thinking instructor.s

Fazia Rizvi: I’m not published but I’m working on several things at once: a science fiction novel and a historical biography of my family’s multicultural background. I write most often on travel, food, technology and anthropology.

Susan Roebuck: Author of acclaimed novel “Perfect Score”. Still writing!

Theda Rogers: business/commercial writer and editor.

Talli Roland: Author of romantic comedies, drinker of coffee, and slurper of wine.

Caryn Rose:  a Brooklyn-based writer and photographer who documents rock-and-roll, baseball and urban life. Her first novel, B-Sides and Broken Hearts, is now available.

Sarah Meira Rosenberg: 21-year-old Young Adult fiction writer, first novel published in an anthology at age 16. I made it to the quarterfinals of this year’s Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

Sarah Terez Rosenblum: blogger for The Chicago Sun Times, MFA in Creative Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Debut novel, “Herself When She’s Missing” forthcoming from Soft Skull, an imprint of Counterpoint Press.

John M. Rowley: Self help, Fitness, Christian.  I connect the dots between physical, mental and spiritual health and fitness.

Lauren Royal: Author of historical romance novels

Rebecca Ryals Russell: MG/YA Dark Fantasy Author of the Seraphym Wars YA series and Stardust Warriors MG series both with MuseItUp Publishing. Also write Horror and Picture Books.

Horacio Salazar: I’m a journalist with a bias towards science.

Lara Sanders: Fiction writer working on my first novel.

Bradd Allen Saunders: playwright produced on both coasts, writer and director of the movie The Lounge People starring Buck Henry and Amanda Plummer.  Author of the novel: Ivetha: An Airedale’s Compendium

JD Savage: writes children’s videos, fantasy fiction

Kerry Schafer: Writer of fantasy and paranormal novels, minion of cats.

Elizabeth Schechter: I write erotic science fiction and fantasy.

Lawrence Schimel: I write in both English & Spanish and have published over 100 books in different genres: kidzbooks, poetry, sci-fi, queer theory, a graphic novel, erotica, etc. I’m also a Spanish->English translator. My most recent book, ¡VAMOS A VER A PAPÁ! (Ekaré) is forthcoming from Groundwood

Tori Schindler: I write Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance.

David B. Schlosser: I write and edit fiction and non-fiction, with a particular emphasis on mystery and literary fiction and business- and economics-oriented non-fiction. I also write advertising/marketing and political copy, and even have a poetry editing project under my belt.

Bryan Thomas Schmidt: science fiction and fantasy writer and blogger, host of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat on Twitter and Grasping For The Wind.com. My space opera novel debut comes out October 4.

Lawrence Schoen: I tend to write light, humorous Science Fiction (most known for a series of stories, novelettes, and novels featuring the Amazing Conroy, a stage hypnotist performing for aliens on the edge of Human Space, and his alien animal companion, Reggie, a miniature bison-like creature that can eat anything and farts oxygen.

Nicholas Schoonbeck: Poet and Fantasy writer.

J. Linwood Schulman: I’m a fiction writer currently editing my first novel set in Hell.  I’m also Co-Founder of The Found Gen, a story/scripting group and publisher of the Lost & Found Quarterly

Jenny Schwartz: steampunk and paranormal romance author, Carina Press.

Jerry Schwartz: Author, songwriter, recording artist, musician

Francisco Antonio Seguin: I am the author of AV Erotica. My work revolves around sub-cultural
contexts targeting a niche audience. Yet I also work on creating  action/adventure titles for the commercial market.  I have written seven screenplay titles ranging from drama, science-fiction, action/adventure epics, and horror.

Miri Shacham: short stories and even shorter stories

Elizabeth Shack: I write fantasy novels and short stories (barely published), plus marketing and other B2B/B2C communications.

Trevor Shane: Novelist, Debut novel, Children of Paranoia, being published by Dutton on September 8, 2011

Sharazade: erotica and erotic romance; I edit fiction and non-fiction; and I review erotica and erotic romance both on my blog site and for the erotica site Oysters & Chocolate.

F. John Sharp: writes fiction and poetry, and edits a small online journal.

Monica Shaughnessy: Children’s Book Writer: YA novels and picture books.

Dan Shaurette: Writer, blogger and podcaster of vampire fiction, branching into steampunk/weird westerns.

Remus Shepherd: Physicist, science fiction writer, and webcomic creator.

Bergfrid Skaara: Norwegian technical communicator (writer, author, editor) with a masters degree in computer science. I’m the author of “eZ Publish Content Management Basics” and “eZ Publish Advanced Content Management”

Ron Slate: Poet and book reviewer. Most recent book of poems is THE GREAT WAVE (Houghton 2009). I review books at “On the Seawall”

Peter A. Smalley: Writer of Epic Fantasy, YA, Steampunk and Paranormal Romance, Author of “The Burning Times” and “Grimme” Founder of Kindling Press

Dana Lynn Smith: author of the Savvy Book Marketer series of guidebooks designed to teach authors the skills they need to sell more books.

Graeme Smith: A soon (where ‘soon’ is a variable) to be  published fantasy writer. Mostly comic fantasy (which is fantasy intended to make you laugh, not fantasy in comics).

Maggie Smith: Unpublished writer of YA urban fantasy/paranormal romance. I work as an editorial intern and maintain a blog.

Roxanne Smolen: science fiction author

Laura Stanfill: I write literary and historical fiction.

Lizzie Stark: Author of Leaving Mundania, a forthcoming narrative nonfiction book about larp, and editor of the online literary journal Fringe.

Aaron Starmer: Author of middle-grade and young adult novels  DWEEB and THE ONLY ONES

Whitney Stewart: Children’s Book Author

Sebastian Stockman: Memoirist, teacher, book reviewer and reformed sportswriter.

David Stoddard: As the Unmotivated Motivational Writer, I write a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and some of the other thing… Most of which are things I don’t know.

Justus Stone: writing a Young Adult novel series. I have a thing for mashing various religions, myths and science together. I have created my own imprint (Red Bucket Publishing)  and will be releasing book one in October of this year.

Victoria Strauss: 8 novels for adults and young adults–mostly fantasy, some historical. Co-founder of Writer Beware

Michael D. Subrizi: author of Lust Demented and a few other books, screenplays, and tons of songs and poetry

Heather Sunderland: I’m a freelance feature writer, columnist, copy writer and blogger. I am also working on my first novel: a psychological thriller set in Finnish Lapland.

Mark Sutz: Writer of fiction, non and everything in between.  A regular contributer to the online culture magazine The Nervous Breakdown.  Fan of radio plays, sharp pencils and homemade ravioli.

Jennifer Hudson Taylor: I write historical Christian fiction set in Europe and the Carolinas.

McCormick Templeman: I write YA and adult mysteries.

Ruthanne Terrero: Writer, traveler, New Yorker at heart

Sam Tett: freelance writer, copyeditor, proofreader, etc.. I also write literary fiction, essays, short stories and a couple of blogs. Thematically, I’m all about social commentary, the complexities of individual identity and social dynamics. (As a side note, I’d love to resurrect the omniscient first-person narrator of old!)

Jacquette M Timmons: Financial coach, trainer, and author of “Financial Intimacy.” I am passionate about demystifying the human complexities of money.

Elijah Toten: Writer of paranoia-fueled speculative fiction.

J.H. Trumble: Author of Don’t Let Me Go, scheduled for release December 27. Adult gay lit with YA crossover potential.

Nicole Valentine: YA Writer, MFA in Young Adult Fiction at VCFA, and VP of Tech for Figment.com

Max Vande Vaarst: I write middle grade fantasy with an emphasis on adventure, mystery and salamanders.

Melinda VanLone: I write SF/F. I’m currently working on project #3 while I query project #2 and ignore project #1.

Tim VanSant: Flash fiction and poetry

Christine Van Winkle: I’m a literary critic, NBCC member, poet and novelist.

Charlee Vale: I write YA Fiction and run a book review blog at www.charleevale.com

Josh Vogt: Freelancer. Author. Geek. Signed with Folio Lit to get a fantasy novel on the shelves. Blogs at JRVogt.com and compiles writing tools at Write-Strong.com.

Anna Claire Vollers: Magazine editor, blogger and mystery writer.

Suzy Vitello: YA author repped by Melissa Sarver. Latest project: THE EMPRESS CHRONICLES. Also write literary fiction.

KT Wagner: Currently, I write young adult/adult crossover gothics – steampunk, dark fantasy, horror.

Olivia Waite: Erotic romance author, feminist, and all-around geek. Handy with a Latin translation and excellent amateur cocktail builder.

Shiloh Walker: author, blogger, twitter-addict.

Therese Walsh: Women’s fiction author and co-founder of the Writer Unboxed blog.

Ednah Walters: I write YA urban fantasy, the Guardian Legacy series, and adult romance

Meghan J. Ward: Outdoor, travel and adventure writer based in Banff, Alberta. Working with words in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

Jeff Von Ward: Author, “Mormonia:stories,” editor, Samizdat Literary Journal, co-founder of Writing without Walls, an SF Bay area reading series.

Michael Washburn: freelance writer in NYC.

Heather Webb: Historical fiction writer, blogger, foodie extraordinaire, lover of languages, pop culture, and all things international, especially French

Sarah Wedgbrow: MG & YA fiction writer

Kirsten Weiss: I write fantasy/mystery and blog.

Bear Weiter: (I write as Jacob Ruby) I write mostly horror and fantasy. I have published a handful of short stories over the past year and I’m currently working on my first novel, a YA horror/fantasy piece. I am also an illustrator, animator, designer, etc.

Laura Grace Weldon: Poetry, essays, feature writing, short stories, and lately, editing books.  Author of Free Range Learning, with a poetry collection coming out next year.

Håkan Wester: Swedish writer, journalist and social media geek. I write short storys.

Amy Whipple: Nonfiction writer (television essays, long-form journalism, poor-form blogging since 1998), freelance editor, couch-sitting connoisseur.

Paula Whyman: DC-area fiction and humor writer; teach in writers-in-schools programs in DC and NY. Member NBCC and Authors Guild.

Carol Wiley: Freelance writer and editor with a background as both a technical  writer/editor and a massage therapist. I write web content (including articles and blog posts), press releases, and more.

Teresa Williams: I write literary fiction and short stories as well as a blog.

Heidi Willis: I write literary fiction with medical and legal suspense woven in. I have published one novel and some poetry, and am getting my MFA at Pacific University.

Michael Winegar: Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer. Husband, Father, Writer, Paralegal

A.C.Wise: I write short fiction, primarily horror, fantasy, and scifi, and I co-edit the Journal of Unlikely Entomology.

Carissa Wodehouse: Writer, editor, interweby, poet.

Ken Wohlrob: Writer from Brooklyn, NY. I write literary fiction. Latest short story collection is Songs of Vagabonds, Misfits, and Sinners (which also has a soundtrack available for it) from Bully Press.

Kari Wolfe: fiction writer, speculative fiction — horror, dark fantasy, time travel/alternate realities/sci-fi, political/techno thrillers.  I LOVE creative/traditional conspiracy theories. Currently, I’m wanting to learn more about alternate history and steampunk.

Rebecca Woodhead: I set up the first regular event on G+ – Word Nerd Wednesday.

Kimberly Workman: Freelance media reviewer and long-standing writer of short fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Currently working on her first novel.

Nathan Wrann: YA Paranormal and horror for grown ups

Craig Wright: I’m a technical author and copywriter and I write content for web sites, promotional material, and user documentation. I also ‘fix’ translated English for companies and spend a lot of time writing nonsense on various film and sport forums. I have a good eye for dialogue and would love to help people work on scripts

Karen Wyle: I write SF and picture books, but my next project is either mainstream fiction or literary fiction, depending on which definition one accepts.

Kris Yankee: I write middle grade chapter books usually involving some aspect of hockey.

Joanna Thompson Yezek: Midwestern poet. Technical Writer. Avid shoe wearer & pickle eater.

Dara Young: I write romance, historical, steampunk, and paranormal

DJ Young: Yet another writer – short story vet, at work on two books, and the odd blog post.  You can find me on Google+ with links to my writing blogs.

Lou Yuhasz: Working on a pulp Adventure, “Teddy Roosevelt and the Lost World”

Zaelyna: Sci-fi/fantasy specialist

Christine Lee Zilka: I write literary fiction. My work has appeared in places like ZYZZYVA, Verbsap, and the anthology “Men Undressed.”

Carl Zimmer: I write about science for the New York Times, and I’ve written ten books.