Wattpad Has More Than 40M Monthly Users

By Dianna Dilworth 

The social reading platform Wattpad has more than 40 million people using the site each month, according to venture capitalist Mary Meeker’s annual report on Internet trends.

According to the report, a new user joins Wattpad every second of the day. The research also revealed that more than 100 million uploads have been shared on Wattpad with at least 250,000 shared on the site every day.

It’s impossible to read everything on the site. Meeker found that more than 24 hours of reading material is posted to Wattpad every minute. Still someone is reading. According to Meeker, users spend 11 billion minutes a month on Wattpad and an average engagement time of 30 minutes per user, per session.

Interestingly, the research also revealed that 90 percent of all Wattpad activity is on mobile.