Warner Bros. to Organize the Number Four, Privet Drive Exhibit

By Maryann Yin 

Harry Potter Logo (GalleyCat)Have you ever wanted to check out the Dursleys’ family home? The movie studio behind the Harry Potter film franchise has decided to open up “number four, Privet Drive.”

Visitors will be able to tour this special exhibition from May 27 to June 6. Within the living room, there will be a large cluster of Hogwarts letters suspended in the air.

Here’s more information from the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London website: “Also on display for the first time will be the Dursleys’ costumes which proved to be a rich source of inspiration for Costume Designer Judianna Makovsky. She remembers them being the most fun to dress, creating clothes that appeared out of date and pretentious for Mr and Mrs Dursley, as well as hideous jumpers for young Dudley.” Click here to watch a video with Fiona Shaw, the actress who played Petunia Dursley, talk about the set.