Ursula K. Le Guin Fans Raise $200,000 On Kickstarter For a Documentary

By Maryann Yin Comment

Arwen Curry, a filmmaker, has raised more than $200,000 on Kickstarter for the Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin documentary. The original goal for this campaign was set at $80,000.

This movie delves into the life story of the 86-year-old science fiction and fantasy writer. We’ve embedded a video about the project above.

Here’s more from the Kickstarter page: “In the film, we’ll accompany Le Guin on an intimate journey of self-discovery as she comes into her own as a major feminist author, inspiring generations of women and other marginalized writers along the way. To tell this story, the film reaches into the past as well as the future – to a childhood steeped in the myths and stories of disappeared Native peoples Le Guin absorbed as the daughter of prominent California anthropologist Alfred Kroeber and author Theodora Kroeber.”

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