Universal Pictures Picks Up Movie Rights to a Gillian Flynn Short Story

By Maryann Yin 

Grown Up Cover (GalleyCat)Universal Pictures has acquired the film rights to Gillian Flynn’s short story, “The Grownup.” This Edgar Award-winning piece was first released in the 2014 anthology Rogues; the Crown Publishing Group later published a hardcover book edition of the story in 2015.

According to Deadline, the movie studio is rumored to have paid a high-six figure sum for this property. Currently, negotiations are underway to have Natalie Krinsky come on board to write the script.

Here’s more from Variety: “Story revolves around a con woman who is reading auras at Spiritual Palms when she meets an unhappy woman, whom she tries to help. The phony psychic accompanies the woman to her home, which the woman swears was haunted when she moved in with her husband, son and stepson. The con woman is charged with exorcising the evil within, and it’s soon clear she may have gotten in way over her head.” (via io9)