Two New Actors Cast in Game of Thrones Season 6

By Maryann Yin 

Game of Thrones 200Richard E. Grant and Freddie Stroma has signed on for the sixth season of Game of Thrones. Grant will portray a secret character and Stroma will play Dickon Tarly.

Here’s more from Entertainment Weekly: “There’s not much known about Dickon from George R.R. Martin’s novels upon which Thrones is based. Dickon is described as Sam’s younger and more physically capable brother.”

Earlier this year, HBO brought on three new actors to the cast including Pilou Asbæk as Euron GreyjoyMax von Sydow as the Three-Eyed Raven, and Ian McShane in a mystery role. The first episode of season six will air some time in 2016. (via TIME)