Trolls, Brains, & Sisters: Coming Attractions

By Maryann Yin 

Here are some handpicked titles from our New Books section. Want to include your book? Just read our Facebook Your New or Upcoming Book post. Don’t forget to include your title’s exact release date and a link.

Amity by Jeremy D. Brooks: “The story of a man who gets caught up in the pseudo-life of online anonymous trolling, and throws his lot in with a group of hackers and thugs from a website called–you guessed it–Amity. ” (September 2010)

Brain Cuttings: Fifteen Journeys Through The Mind by Carl Zimmer: “Zimmer takes readers on fascinating explorations of the frontiers of research, shedding light on our innermost existence—the speed of thought, our perception of time, the complex flashes of electricity that give rise to fear and love, and more.” (October 2010)

The Other Sister by Cheri Paris Edwards: “A simmering rivalry ignites between daughters of minister James Jefferson when younger sister Sanita returns to her Illinois hometown with secrets in tow.” (November 2010)