Tips for Writing a Book Proposal

By Dianna Dilworth 

New authors looking to get into the publishing business deal will need to have a book proposal to get a publisher or agent to even look at their work.

Publishing consultant Jane Friedman (not to be confused with Jane Friedman, the Open Road CEO/former HarperCollins CEO) outlined some great tips for writing a book proposal. These steps are great insights to help you get started in writing a book proposal. Here is an excerpt:

Editors care about one thing only: A viable idea with a clear market, paired with a writer who has credibility and marketing savvy.Knowing your audience or market—and having direct, tangible reach to them (online or off)—gives you a much better chance of success. Pitch only the book you know has a firm spot in the marketplace. Do not pitch a book expecting that the publisher will bring the audience to you. It’s the other way around. You bring your audience and platform to the publisher.