The Most Looked Up Words on Kindle

By Dianna Dilworth 

Tomorrow is National Dictionary Day and to celebrate, Amazon has created a list of the most looked up words on Kindle books.

According to Amazon, 85 percent of readers look up words while they read. Below is a list of the most commonly looked-up words in the Kindle ecosystem.

The words that have been looked up the most on Kindle are as follows: accipitrine, fantods, shufti, apish amore, scarfpin, vulpine, hifalutin, susurrus, caliginous, bristliness, chilblained, crepuscle, tenebrific, brumous, susurration, crapulent, frangipanni, megrims, gobsmacked, malacologist, susurrant, minacious, repechage, shan’t, ensorcelled, callipygous, bloviate, snogging, spavined, subfusc, discombobulated, susurrous, cojones, priapic, uxoriously, uxorious, concupiscent, aurochs, chuffed, precipitance, emulously, winceyette, cachinnate, hamartia, preternaturally, bacchanalia, defenestrate, copacetic, kerfuffle, fugly, tenebrous, avuncular, vermiculated, pickelhaube, tsuris, plagiaristic, addlepated, pusillanimously, ursine, gallimaufry, japery, starkers, towheaded, insouciant, epicanthic, druthers, plangent, gelid, underbred, pullulation, rictus, oleaginous, treacly, oubliette, louche, fuggy.