Best Book Editors on Twitter

By Jason Boog 

twitterlogo2323.jpgBook editors have had a rough time in recent years–layoffs, uncertain roles, and crazy workloads. To celebrate National Novel Editing Month and help aspiring writers connect with editors, we’ve updated our directory of the Best Book Editors on Twitter (collected below).

This list is not comprehensive, yet. Add your favorite editor (or yourself) to our growing list–because the digital future needs editors and we need to stay connected.

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Aiah: “Writer. Editor. Knitter. Cellist. Cynic. Cook. Mets fan.”

Catherine M. Albano: I edit, proofread, and write–not necessarily in that order.

Reagan Arthur: “Bio Book editor, music fan, east coast transplant, banana-hater, defender of the em-dash.”

Charleen Barila: “Cookbook & gardening (asst) editor at Wiley, voracious pop culture/knowledge consumer. my true love: good food shared with good friends. all opinions are my own.”

Tara Barnes: “Freelance copy editor fighting the good fight. Support your local copy editor and save the world. Don’t let my unenlightened musings dissuade you.”

Tim Bartlett: “Random House Editor”

Pete Beatty: (Bloomsbury Press) “140+char serious nonfiction brought to you by publisher Peter Ginna (#pg) and editor Pete Beatty (#ptb)”

Paula Berinstein: “Producer and host of The Writing Show, writer, writing consultant, freelance editor”

Faith Black: Editor at The Berkley Publishing Group (Penguin Group USA). Book lover, basketball player, gin imbiber, Anglophile, resident tall girl and amateur chef-ess

Jason Black: “I’m a freelance book editor who blogs about character development in fiction.”

Holly Blanck: “Assistant Editor at St. Martin’s press, book lover, Met’s fan, eternal optimist.”

Iris Blasi: “Associate editor tweeting about books past, present, and future.”

Jevon Bolden: Editor, singer, songwriter, wife, mom. Developmental editor for Strang Book Group

Stacy Boyd: Harlequin’s senior editor of Desire, watching publishing respond to digital media, living HEA in NYC w/ a 4yo, missing my family in GA, wanting time to be lazy

Brooke Carey: At Portfolio.

Carolynn Carey: “a former academic editor, now writes romantic fiction.”

Rebecca Carter: Random House UK editor

Julia Cheiffetz: Book editor

Kelli Collins: “Editor-in-Chief @ Ellora’s Cave. Got subs? We want your sex.”

Brenda Copeland: “Bio editor, teacher, reader, friend, cheese lover.”

Julie Crisp: Editorial Director at Tor UK. Publishes SFF/crime incl. Peter F Hamilton, China Miéville, Mark Charan Newton, Neal Asher & Ann Cleeves. All views are my own.

Sarah Cypher: “Freelance editor and writer tweeting about writing, the Middle East, and cultural miscellany. Author of The Editor’s Lexicon: Essential Terms for Novelists.”

Kathy Dalle-Molle: Writer and editorial consultant by day …. blogger at KDM @11:30 by night. Because if you want to write, then why not write and show your words to somebody.

MA Dobson: Manuscript editor; aerobat; wordy-pants; semicolon devotee; ambivalence chaser.

Pamela Dorman: “Pamela Dorman Books/Viking publishes upmarket fiction, much aimed at women, as well as selected non-fiction.”

Emma D. Dryden: Children’s Book Editor & Consultant, Poet, Writer; Founder & Principal of drydenbks llc, a children’s book editorial and consulting firm

Barbara Dycus: “Acquires and edits books.”

Daniel Ehrenhaft: Acquisitions editor for Sourcebooks Fire, YA author/fan, Guitarist of Tiger Beat, Proud Papa”

Kelley Eskridge: I write fiction, essays and screenplays. I help other writers as an editor, mentor and coach at Sterling Editing

Lindsey Faber: “Managing Editor of Samhain Publishing”

Rose Foltz: “Freelance textbook and magazine editor specializing in nursing and health professions”

Melissa Frain: “Editor at Tor/Macmillan / skeeball MVP / lover of hot chocolate, high fives, and the Phillies.”

Jay Franco: “An independent editor and lover of SF, fantasy, comics & military history.”

GCP Editor Gal: The secret life of a Manhattan book editor.

Diana Gill: “Executive editor. Runs Eos Books. Needs: caffeine. Wants: plane tickets.”

Peter Ginna: (Bloomsbury Press) “140+char serious nonfiction brought to you by publisher Peter Ginna (#pg) and editor Pete Beatty (#ptb)”

Jeff Golick: Music blogger [@destinationout]; audiobook publisher [@AudioGO]; husband [@ktrsbklyn]; tired [longingtobe@rest].

Claire S. Gould: Aspiring academic book editor. Conn College YAT. Lover of caffeine, photography, classic films, fashion, feminist activism, and green architecture.

Jillian Gray: “Renegade of publishing, Panhellenic, philanthropic and entrepreneurial world. And boarding school/ Ivy University Survivor.”

Nicola Griffith: English novelist and editor and website builder in Seattle. Life is good, beer is great, people vary.

Vicki Gundrum: “Freelance book editor [who] tweets about publishing, amusements, little surprises. My obsessions: books, writing, publishing, amusements, little surprises, basenjis. Stretching to 5 feet, I rely on love & understanding not intimidation & fear.”

Jess Haberman: “Editor at FalconGuides / GPP, freelance editor, writer, and floral assistant.”

Marty Halpern: “Wielder of Red Ink”

Lori Cates Hand: “Nonfiction book editor with 19 years of experience specializing in career information.”

Kate Victory Hannisian: Writer and editor who loves to help individuals and businesses tell their stories elegantly and effectively.

Lee Harris: Editor at Angry Robot Books and publisher of Hub Magazine.

Joanne Haskins: Editor, writer, designer

Mitch Hoffman: I’m an editor @GrandCentralPub and tweet about book publishing, with occasional forays into politics and pop culture.

Lorraine Hopping: Author (Bone Detective, 40+ others), multimedia writer, game designer (Mars 2020, others), science geek. Tweeting about transmedia, publishing, game design.

Kemari Howell: Freelance book editor. Self-dubbed Literary Seamstress. Fiction writer. Mommy blogger. Typography fanatic. Seeking new editing clients and lotto winnings.

Erika Imranyi: Editor and yarn crafts enthusiast.

Travers J.: “A small town boy from TX, living & thriving in NYC. I’m an Editorial Assistant at Penguin.”

Angela James: “Executive Editor for Carina Press, Harlequin’s digital-first imprint. Dragging the world to the digital dark side, one reader at a time.”

Alison Janssen: “Run Away With Us,” Tyrus Books editors.

Sara Kase: “Assistant Editor at Sourcebooks, acquire and develop everything from historical fiction to gift to trade.”

T.J. Kelleher: “Hopping the pons asinorum. Science book editor. Likely overconfident.”

Caitlin Kenney: Assistant editor at ABRAMS, book blogger, experimental home cook, among other things

Cheryl Klein: “I’m an editor at Scholastic, a reader and writer at home, and lots of other things in lots of other places. All opinions expressed here are solely my own.”

Angela Klinske: “writer/editor/going local/public speaking/corp comm.”

Vicki Lame: “She would edit books; she would create constellations.”

Hana Landes: editor, reader, general book nerd

Terra Layton: Book editor at a NYC publishing house. Newly-wed adventurer. Extraordinarian.

Alvina Ling: “Senior Editor at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. Editor of picture books, middle grade, and young adult. And lover of bloomabilities.”

A.E. Locker: Writer, Editor, government worker (please don’t hate me), anxiety sufferer, expert listener, cat lover, English Literature buff and yes, wanna be 80s pop star.

Ben Loehnen: Book Editor (Simon & Schuster), Birder

James Long: Editorial Assistant at Orbit (human male, level 5, chaotic good). Wielder of BookBane (Longsword, +1 vs slushpile submissions).

Megan Lynch: “Senior Editor at Riverhead Books”

Dick Margulis: “Producer of top-quality books for discerning publishers and authors.”

Marianliz: “Book editor, beginner standup comic, curator of questionable crafts at kraftomatic.”

Debbie Marrie: “I acquire and edit health books and Christian fiction for Strang Communications.”

Cassandra A Marshall: Freelance editor, YA writer, literary agent intern, and tea drinker. Also obsessed with my dog, Mollie.

Laurel Marshfield: “I help authors (nonfiction, fiction, memoir) prepare their book ms for publication + write book proposals. Offer ms evals, editing, ghosting, coaching + more”

Pam McClanahan: Publisher, MHS Press & Borealis Books / In life and work: listening, learning to see, finding a voice

Ken McFarland: Internet Marketer, Father and Grandfather, Writer, Author, Editor, 12-Year Cancer Survivor, Natural Health Researcher

Martha Mihalick: “Children’s book editrix, Greenwillow Books, An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.”

Victoria Mixon: Independent editor, co-author of Children & the Internet, and author of The Art & Craft of Fiction: A Practitioner’s Manual.

David Moldawer: “I’m a trade nonfiction editor at Amazon’s NYC-based publishing imprint. I live in Manhattan with my wife and son.”

Jackeline Montalvo
: “Book editor at Random House, pop culture enthusiast, dog person, boricua at heart.”

Amanda Moon: Senior Editor at Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Moonrat: “Book editor. rabid reader. love to eat. yumm.”

David Moore: Writer, Editor, Geek. Which applies to about ten thousand people on Twitter. Sincerely believes Jesus Christ was an Autobot.

Calvert Morgan: Harper editor.

Deborah Moss: “A very happy copyeditor.”

Joan Murray: “Exploring the Microsoft developer world-at-large in search of immensely talented people to publish with Addison-Wesley and Pearson Technology Group.”

Kelly Nickell: “Digital Copywriter & Freelance Writer/Editor”

Ethan Nosowsky: Graywolf Press Editor-at-Large, Creative Capital’s Consultant for Innovative Literature, adjunct at Columbia–utility infielder of the lit world.

Maureen O’Brien: Bestsellermaker, ghostwriter and journalista. (Former Executive Editor @ HarperCollins & Hyperion + NY Post, Publishers Weekly & Los Angeles Times staffer.)

Carrie Obry: Book broker, food writer, flaneuse.

Jonathan Oliver: Jonathan Oliver is the Editor-in-Chief of Abaddon Books and Solaris. This is his personal blog and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of Rebellion.

K. O’Moore-Klopf: “Your favorite copyeditor since 1984.”

Heather Osborn
: “Editor at Tor Books. Pop culture fan. RPG gamer. Romance junkie. Ninja Warrior addict. Yup, I’m a nerd.”

Molly O’Neill: “Children’s & YA book editor. Collector of words and art and stories.”

Denise Oswald: “!t Girl. Lit Chick. Hasty typist. Atrocious speller. Unrepentant potty mouth.”

Bella Pagan: Commissioning editor, Orbit – working on out-of-this world SF and fantasy fiction for the Little, Brown Book Group

Page One Editing: We word wrangle, in fiction and nonfiction, for government, business, the community and authors. Qualified in editing, passionate about writing!

Stephen Parolini: I am an editor, writer, dreamer, former dragonslayer, ironist and mildly malcontented colloquialist. Also, I like cookies.

Lori Perkins: “Editorial Director of Ravenous Romance and Agent Extraordinaire. A Writers Fairy Godmother.”

Allyson E. Peltier: “An editor/writer helping you put your best word forward.”

David Pomerico: “[Editor at] Del Rey and Spectra are two of the biggest SF, fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance imprints in–and out of–the world.”

Jennifer Pooley: “Book editor @ William Morrow & Perennial most often found buying all I can carry at the Webster Library book sale & reading old Domino Magazines.”

Ranty Editor: Anonymous fiction editor.

Fred Ramey: Publishing commercial literature independently and being noisy about it.

Megan Records: Associate Editor at Kensington Books

Chris Reese: Editor for Moody Publishers. International Outreach Coordinator for the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Ruta Rimas: “Kids Books Editor at Balzer + Bray (HarperCollins)”

Amy Rost: Professional trade nonfiction editor for 15 years (in house & freelance); compulsive, eclectic reader; dominatrix linguistique.

Nellie Sabin: “Freelance nonfiction editor and writer – health, medical, psychology, mind/body/spirit, etc. Formerly an acquisitions editor in NYC, now living and working in beautiful Cape Cod.”

Victoria Sandbrook: “Associate Editor (acquiring non-fiction) at Adams Media. Writer, Reader, Blogger. Of course, my opinions do not reflect those of my employer.”

Maria Schneider: “Freelance writer, editor, blogger, forum hostess, book reviewer, former editor of a writing magazine you’ve probably heard of. Wants to eradicate the semicolon.”

Adrienne Schultz: “I’m an editor at Portfolio, the biz book imprint at Penguin Group.”

Esi Sogah: “Romance editor at Avon; theater, pop culture junkie.”

Anne Sowards: “Science fiction & fantasy editor (vampires & wizards & spaceships, oh my)”

Alyssa Smith: “Editor at a NY publishing house, reviewer, convention organizer, avid costumer, and owner of several demanding parrots”

Shana Smith: I’m an Assistant Editor at Harlequin (Desire and Romantic Suspense) and a lover of books, movies and TV.

Dawn McIlvain Stahl: Professional freelance copy editor w/ many interests. Exceptions: calculus, catheters, and cake. And sometimes even cake is awesome.

Jonathan Strahan: “An editor, anthologist, and SF critic doing his best to keep up.”

Nan A. Talese: Nan A. Talese/Doubleday is a literary imprint committed to quality publishing.

Carol Terry: Freelance editing, bicycle riding, journalism loving, English football watching, chocolate eating, reference librarian.

Allison Trzop: “Editing nonfiction books–sports, law, comics–for independent-minded Beacon Press.”

Erika Tsang: “I’m a romance editor and proud of it.”

Juliet Ulman: freelance editor at large extraordinaire.”

Adriana Van Leeuwen: Novice copyeditor. Likes surrealist art, folklore, chocolate, and stomping on manuscripts with leather boots.

Lourdes Venard: “Editor, writer, professor. In my little spare time, I review crime fiction and blog about YA books”

Marisa Vigilante: RH Book Editor; Selected interests and twitter topics: books, reading, writing, politics, public health, baking birthday cakes

Johanna Vondeling: “VP, Editorial and Digital at Berrett-Koehler Publishers”

Claire Wachtel: wife, mother, book-editor and knee-jerk liberal democrat

Jessica Wade: “An editor and a gentlelady. Well. An editor.”

Dinah Wallace: “Copyeditor and Reprints Manager for Strang Communications Book Group.”

Meghan Ward: “Writer and book editor.”

Jennifer Way: Worrying my pretty little head about it since 1975.

Kristen Weber: I am a freelance book editor living in Los Angeles.

Christy Webster: “Editor of children’s books, from Maine. I also like: TV, art, comics, food, blogs, video games, feminism, my cat, my couch, my handsome guy.”

Michele Wells: “Editor w/experience in adult nonfiction, children’s, and YA.”

Ian Whates: Author of science fiction and fantasy, editor of books and stories and independent publisher

Stacy Whitman: Editorial director of Tu Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books

Ivy Wigmore: “I’m content editor and grammar blogger Got a grammar/writing question or comment? Pet peeve? Tweet me!”

Adam Wilson: Associate Editor @ Harlequin Teen, MIRA, LUNA. Freelance copywriter. I like drawering too.

Ken Wissoker: Editorial Director, Duke University Press

Michelle Witte: “Opening @firepetalbooks, a children’s bookstore in Utah. YA fiction writer. Formerly a book editor with Gibbs Smith.”

Tessa Woodward: “Romance Editor and huge book nerd.”

Courtney Young: “Book editor for Penguin’s Portfolio imprint. And I do other stuff, too.”

Abby Zidle: Gallery/Pocket senior editor, horsewoman, reality TV addict, misanthrope.