Stephen King Defends Bob Dylan as Nobel Prize Choice

By Dianna Dilworth 

Author Stephen King thinks that people should stop criticizing the Swedish Academy for selecting Bob Dylan as the recipient of The Nobel Prize in Literature.

In a piece penned for Rolling Stone, King defended Dylan and discussed the importance of Dylan’s influence on¬†writing. Here is an excerpt:

People complaining about his Nobel either don’t understand or it’s just a plain old case of sour grapes. I’ve seen several literary writers who have turned their noses up at the Dylan thing, like Gary Shteyngart. Well, I’ve got news for you, Gary: There are a lot of deserving writers who have never gotten the Nobel Prize. And Gary Shteyngart will probably be one of them. That’s no reflection on his work. You have to rise to the level of a Faulkner if you’re an American.