Stan Lee’s Poem On Respect Goes Viral

By Maryann Yin 

Stan LeeHow does one cultivate a sense of respect? In light of these distressing┬átimes, Stan Lee, the legendary comic book writer, shared a poem called “Respect.”

Lee initially released this poem when he launched the Respect initiative back in October 2016. According to the press release, Lee designed a pin for this program that features “two hands, black and white, clasped in a friendly handshake under the word ‘respect’ signifying unity to inspire mutual respect for all.”

Lee’s “Respect” poem has drawn over 75,000 “likes” on Facebook. Here’s an excerpt:

Now the Lord’s perplexed and growing vexed
At those who’d mar his plan
Instead of love some practice hate
A practice we must ban
We all must share this tiny sphere
On which we live and die
Respect for all, in every way,
Should be our battle cry