Smashwords Expands Global Distribution

By Dianna Dilworth 

Self-publishing giant Smashwords has signed new e-book distribution agreements that will help authors get their books in the hands of more global readers.

Back in October, the company partnered with Gardners Books to bring Smashwords titles to libraries across the U.K. Now, the website has expanded its e-book distribution network even further with new partnerships with Tolino, Odilo and Yuzu.

The Tolino partnership will put Smashwords e-books into several of Germany’s largest e-book retailers including: Thalia, Welbild, Hugendubel, Der Club, Bü, meine BUCHhandlung,, and The Odilo deal will expand Smashwords’ library distribution to 2,100 libraries in 43 countries across Europe, Latin America and North America. The partnership with Yuzu will help self-pubslihed authors reach the education market. Powered by Barnes & Noble College, Yuzu powers digital e-books across 473 college bookstores.