Sleep in a Book Store in Tokyo

By Dianna Dilworth 

Have you ever wanted to stay over night in a book store? Book and Bed Tokyo will soon allow you to do so.

In September 2015, the book store/hostel will open its doors with beds set up right next to the store’s bookshelves. Shoppers can visit during the day and guests can get a cheap night’s sleep in the bunks over night. Not a bad setting in a country where budget accommodations include capsules and love hotels. Japan Tavel has more:

The hostel will be designed by Suppose Design Office and produced by R-Store, a real estate select shop.  Books will be curated by Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers; a “model room” of the hostel will be on display there from July 13th to 25th.

Hotels in Iceland and Norway also offer book-focused accommodations.